8 Spices from Your Kitchen Shelf that Work Wonders for Skin and Hair Health

Spices For Skin and Hair Health: There is a proverb – “You are really what you eat”. And it turns out, this holds exactly true to the essence. Not just how your inner body organs function. But now look on the outside is influenced and determined by what you are having on your platter.

Influencing your looks depends on a lot on your skin and hair. Asks any millennial or beauty-conscious girl in your neighborhood, or that trying-hard-to-look-handsome dude at your workplace and they will take you to a passage down their daily struggle fighting of the environmental factors, also being constantly upping their looks than yesterday trying out what natural and other elements they can make use of.

Putting in the logic, you would know that organic plant and food ingredients are what works best when it is about enhancing your inner function and outer looks naturally. And the super mystic doesn’t stop here. You may be surprised to know that not just your food materials. But the spice-tray of your kitchen also works wonders to give you befitting skin enhancement and hair growth results. Yes, your regular spices, including turmeric, organic masala powder, coriander, and several other spices do more than just add the taste and aroma to your food.

So, what are these spices? Are these part of your daily food preparation? Here, we provide you a list of some key spices that are highly beneficial for your skin and hair health:

Herbs and Spices That Will Give You Healthy Skin and Hair

1: Turmeric

The yellow-color spice in your kitchen with its pungent flavor is the queen of every household in India. Right from being the core spice of any curry, dish, cross all the states and culinary genre, to being the potent weapon your mother has used to treat your illness or injury. This kitchen spice is powerful for skin and hair.

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The many benefits of turmeric include brightening of skin, whitening of teeth, reduction of dark circles, acne, stretch marks, elimination of acne scars, eczema, and psoriasis, as well as protection against sun damage and aging. It also helps to moisturize the dry skin. For hair, it is highly effective in getting rid of dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

2: Black Salt

Although an overlooked spice, natural black salt does magic on the skin. Being high in the potassium content, it helps to provide a relaxing feel to the muscles, helps in decreasing muscle cramp problems, and the anti-inflammatory property of black salt helps in healing swollen foot, cracked heel, and provides relief from sprains.

3: Coriander

This plant is also a much-favored food ingredient, mostly in the dried form for food preparation. However, the form you prefer, it is a very significant natural ingredient that improves hair growth.

4: Curry Powder

Rich in anti-oxidant properties, along with being a powerful source of Vitamin E and C, this spice is one of the most powerful naturally available sources for getting rid of free radicals, resulting in more glowing, smooth, and supple skin.

5: Masala Powder

While the right way to consume masala powder is in a limited amount, preparing your food with organic masala powder will help to slow the aging process, giving you glowing and rejuvenated skin. It also improves vitamin, protein, and mineral absorption that is befitting for the overall health of your skin and hair.

6: Ginger

It is also one of the most common spices in Asian countries, and its health benefits are aplenty, especially immune-boosting power and reducing heart disease chances. Not many know, that it can also be equally effective for your hair growth and scalp health.

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But, here’s a catch – instead of expecting it to work on your hair consuming in the traditional way, just twist the way and a pinch of ginger powder in one tablespoon of your hair oil and massage your scalp. Do it once a week, and you will start to see the results sooner.

7: Thyme

Thyme is the magic spice that your grandmother would have suggested during many specific health conditions to you, your mother, and other family members. Rich in iron content, it helps to maintain the oxygen levels in your body. Which is important for keeping your skin looking younger and fresh. Alternatively, you can have a teaspoon of thyme powder mixed with milk, used as a face pack, to improve the health of your skin and hair.

8: Red Bell Peppers

You would know that vitamin C is key for your skin collagen production and also works as an anti-oxidant. However, it might come as a surprise to you that red bell peppers are as effectively good a source of Vitamin C as the popular oranges. Using red bell peppers boosts your chances of having younger-looking skin.

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So, did you know about these skin and healthy hair-enriching spices? If not, then it’s time to include spices like natural black salt and more of these in your daily food preparation as well as skin rejuvenation practices and start seeing how evolved and transformative you will feel soon.

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