How to take care of curly hair

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You have often seen Selena Gomez performing with straight hair but she has curly hairs. Taylor Swift has spent her childhood and teenage years with curly hairs. Rita Aura sometimes looks with her natural curly hairs. Beyonce is happy with her naturally curly hair and gives them a fresh new style. Shakira is very thankful that she had curly hairs. She said that if I don’t have curly hairs so I have to adopt this style with different strategies. The famous Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut also has curly hairs. Amir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao and the singer Neha Kakar also has curly hairs.

The strange thing is that women whose hair is naturally curly, always try to straighten it and those whose hair is straight will adopt new fashion styles such as Priyanka, Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora khan and so on. We can also say here that women who studying this article have sometimes had their hair curled or straightened, or must have thought about it. It is simply a matter of saying that if your hair is curly, there is nothing to worry about, you can also take care of them easily and adopt new styles. For this, dermatologists give some suggestions.

Here are the tips to take care of your curly hair.

1: Oil

Curly hairs start to dry out quickly and look so bad. The curly hairs can be brought to the original state by proving the right amount of moisturizer. Coconut oil is the best Oil for curly hairs. This oil absorbs moisture in the hair and makes them elastic and beautiful.

2: Brush

It is very necessary to take care while brushing in curly hairs. Wet hair is more flexible. Therefore, if a brush is used in them, they will easily weaken and break. While perfect dry hairs also can be a break. So, brush the curly hairs only when it is lightly moist.

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3: Comb

Never use a thin comb in curly hairs. The curly hairs will get stuck in thing comb and the hairs will be broken. A big comb should be used to set curly hairs. Fingers are the best comb for curly hairs. Also never comb or brush curly hairs from roots to ends.

4: Blow Dry

A hairdryer is being used to dry wet hairs. But never use a hairdryer in curly hairs without the diffuser. The diffuser will help to give the hair proper air and prevent them from spreading.

5: Shampoo

With excessive use of shampoo in curly hairs eliminate the shine and moisture of curly hairs. Therefore, when using shampoo in them, pay attention to the roots rather than just the length and the hair. Be sure to use well conditioner on curly hair after shampoo.

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A few styles of curly hair

If your hair is curly, lift it up and tie it in a ponytail. Not only does this make the hair look gorgeous, but the facial contours also look sharp and attractive.

Long-haired women can look attractive and young by adopting a bob hairstyle. Bob haircuts have a length of hair up to the shoulders. If your hair is straight, decorate them curly, the hair will look more attractive but if you consider the cut to be too short for yourself. Long bob hairstyles can solve your problem. In the long bob, the length of the hair is placed a few inches below the shoulders. Another great style for short hair is top-notch, it is also a very popular hair trend. Hair coating on the head is just as important as hearing. This way, the hair stays flat in the summer and is not difficult to handle.