Only one Orange can Solve Hair Problems in the Winter

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Only one orange can solve hair problems in the winter


Everyone knows about the beauty of the skin from the orange, but in colder weather, the protection and brightness of the hair can be taken care of, a few of us know.


According to beautician vitamin C naturally provides plenty of vitamin C, which not only strengthens the human immune system but also helps in stabilizing the amount of protein collagen in the body which is also very important for the skin with the hair.


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Apart from this, vitamin A is also found in the keno which helps maintain hair moisture. In the winter, the skin also dries with the skin, affecting the brightness and beauty of the hair.


To get rid of it, Beautician says that if the serum of orange is applied to the entire hair during the winter, the hair will become soft and supple and shiny.

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To prepare the orange serum, grind the entire orange in a grinder with a peel, then apply it from the roots of the hair to the length of the hair and then wash the hair for a while. Using orange serum in hair will maintain the beauty of hair in winter.