8 Video Tech Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

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Videos are an integral part of the digital world, whether used in video marketing campaigns, internal communication in corporations, or for educational purposes.

No matter what purpose you might want to achieve your personal or professional gains, one thing is certain that you need to leverage videos to inspire, galvanize your target audience into taking the desired action. In order to explain the concepts succinctly, brands even invest explainer video production and make the most out of their marketing strategy.

Keeping up with the latest video tech trends is the only way you can gain traction for your brand. For that, we’ve put together some of the top video tech trends for you to leverage and capitalize on in your marketing campaign.


It’s quite troublesome to capture video horizontally. Then, you have to take your time to adjust and optimize the screen to watch it. That really takes the fun out of watching a video. Luckily, tech geeks have made our lives easier and bring the solution to this problem.

With the advent of IGTV, it became easier for people to capture videos on vertical mode and watch them on full screen. This video tech trend is sure to rise in the years to come.


Video podcasts have truly become one of the top video tech trends to look forward to in 2021. It has made a tremendous impact on the daily lives of the people. Whether it’s watching billionaire Elon Musk’s interview on Joe Rogen Experience or learning history lessons from Dan Carlin. In short, people are now accustomed to listening to or watching these podcasts on their daily routine, whether it’s commuting to work, traveling, or in spare time.

This trend will continue to rise as ushered in 2021. Even though it started in audio format and there has been a rapid increase in video format. Video content is always better than audio; it’d surely make a dynamic impact on viewers’ minds. They’d be able to watch their hosts, body language, and other traits that audio cannot fulfill.

3.  SEO-based Videos

Passive scrolling is on the rise; the people living in this generation are endlessly scrolling away on their smartphones for hours on end. There is one way to shake them up and get their undivided attention, which is through video.

Whether it’s major brands or startups, every business enterprise is leveraging videos to attract its target audience. Let’s paint a picture for you; you’re scrolling on social media, blocking yourself away from friends and society, all of a sudden, a video pops up on your newsfeed. If you have an auto-play mode on, you will watch and get engaged with the video in an instant, even if you didn’t even turn on the sound. In turn, that takes you away from scrolling and hooks you up into watching the entire video.

This video tech trend has recently been introduced, but it will surely gain more attention in the years to come. As more people watch your video content, it will more relevant on search engine rankings.


Dolly zoom has been around for decades, but it recently improved and became the top video tech trend. In 2021, they will create buzz, bringing in new features along with some of the old ones.

Dolly zoom is known for delivering a vertigo effect that changes the background elements’ size and gives the illusion of movement. Now you can make use of this feature with your mobile device. It makes a dynamic impact when it’s done right.

So, if you’re looking to buy a new drone or a new camera, be sure to try out this cool feature that makes an amazing video.


There is another video tech trend that most brands start to leverage in recent years. That technique attracts the attention of their target audience via marketing videos, more importantly, animated videos. This is because everyone loves cartoons; as they reminisce, the audience relives their adolescent years when watching classic cartoons like Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons.

So, when a cartoon marketing video pops on the screen, it immediately gains the target audience’s attention. Moreover, video content is more easily digestible than textual content. That’s why most marketers tend to leverage videos and make the most out of their marketing campaign.


GIFs are another cool video technique that’s becoming popular in 2021. With the advent of smartphones, it became an instant hit and hip in the modern era. As more and more people use a GIF to showcase their expression and how they feel. Not only that but also they are easy to convert from video format to GIF. So, use this cool feature as this video tech trend is not fading away anytime soon.


With so many video tech trends out there, it’s quite hard to pick one out. Similarly, there is one video trend that is turning heads in the marketing industry is 360-degree videos. They have undoubtedly changed the game of how people watch videos. With 360 degree videos, you can now watch videos from every angle.

They are most commonly used in the hospitality and tourism industry. Businesses exhibit every major city with a 360-degree view and give a virtual tour to entice their target audience and touring enthusiasts to come and have an amazing retreat.

8.  Story-Showing Instead Of Storytelling

Previously, words were only the tool of storytelling leverage to captivate its target audience. They have the utmost expertise to bring their audience’s imagination to life. However, storytelling has taken a paradigm shift in the modern world. Instead of using words and telling the story, showing the story to the audience is now the new trend. Thus, making it one of the top video tech trends to look forward to in 2021.

Major brands are harnessing the power of storytelling to attract their target audience’s attention and connect with them on a deeper level. In this way, they can build trust and loyalty in the minds of their customers.


These are some of the video tech trends that will certainly turn heads in the digital world.

If you want to market your brand, you need to leverage these top video trends and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

In this way, you will attract your potential customers, gain their trust and confidence and develop a lasting relationship with them.

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