4 Yoga Poses For Migraine Pain Relief

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Migraine is the most dangerous type of headache that can be reduced through yoga. These yoga poses also help a person to stay calm. Migraine is a half headache, it can be on either the right or left side of the head. During migraine, vomiting, nausea, noise, loud noises and light start to increase, the migraine patient feels more comfortable in the dark instead of light.

How to cure Migraine pain?

how to cure migraine pain

According to medical experts, migraine sufferers should consume cold foods and avoid hot foods. During migraine the patient’s legs and feet can be massaged with any oil. To avoid migraines, the patient should try to avoid strong odors, sudden exposure to light, and anxiety.

Avoid taking any food during migraine. During pain or with more mental or strenuous activities. Taking a deep breath and walking in the open air makes a migraine patient feel better.

Which yoga poses should be used to cure migraine?

Child’s pose

Child's Pose for migraine pain

This yoga pose calms the human nervous system and improves performance. This yoga pose is useful for reducing migraine pain.

Cat stretch

Cat stretch pose to reduce Migraine Pain

When a person stretches the muscles of his body like a cat, the blood supply in the body becomes better activated. Cat stretch Yoga pose also helps a person to be mentally relaxed.

Corpse pose

Corpse pose to reduce Migraine Pain

Through this yoga pose, the human body comes to the form of meditation which helps to get rid of physical and mental stress. Lie down on the floor and help keep yourself calm, this pose will relax the neck muscles and reduce the severity of the pain.

Standing forward bend

Standing forward bend yoga pose to reduce migraine pain

This yoga pose is considered to be very suitable for proper blood circulation in the body. Through this pose, the required amount of blood and oxygen reaches the brain system, which makes the person feel calm and less stressed.

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