10 Cheapest Countries to visit in the world in 2021

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Every person is fond of traveling to different countries but most people are silent due to financial difficulties but if we tell you about beautiful countries of the world where excursions are not too heavy on your pocket. Surely, Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu can be the dream of hiking lovers, but if they are low in budget, there are other destinations as well that they can try.

Here is a list of the cheapest countries to visit in 2021 in the world

1: Thailand

Thailand is very similar to Malaysia in terms of everyday living costs, both food and hotel are cheap here. In Thailand, you can enjoy the natural beauty, the jungle, and the original architecture of the Buddhist temples.

Thailand the best place to visit in the world in 2020

2: Malaysia

Many people have the wrong impression that Malaysia is not as cheap as Cambodia and Vietnam, but Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries in the world. I’ve talked to many travel bloggers and celebrities about this and we all agree that it is $30 a day. The downside to this country is that most alcohol in the world is taxed. If you think of an invitation every night, you need to revise your budget.

Malaysia the best place to visit in the world in 2020

3: Nepal

Nepal is known as the safest and cheapest country in the world, Nepal is undergoing reconstruction after the earthquake of 2015, tremendous damage was done after the earthquake, and tourist destinations were destroyed but Nepal is very good for travel. The choice is, the cheapest accommodation and food in the world is found in Nepal.

Nepal the cheapiest country to visit in 2020

4: India

India is regarded as one of the most attractive countries, everyone is finding cheap hotels and food in India because of the increase in revenue and increase in foreign tourists, Taj Mahal in India everyone wants to see. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

When traveling, the budget of a person depends on where you want to go, how you go, and how much you buy.

Spiti Valley Himachal Pradesh - Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

5: Indonesia

Indonesia is famous worldwide because of its thousands of islands, one of them is the island which is very cheap in terms of accommodation, there is no other famous tourist destination in Indonesia, this island is not only beautiful. But also rich in Indonesian culture – consisting of temples and caves and forests For one rupee you will get 90 Indonesian rupees as well as very cheap hotels, transport, and food. In this country, you will find beautiful beaches and great islands.

Places to visit in Indonesia in 2020

6: Egypt

Egypt is also regarded as one of the cheapest and oldest countries in the world, it is very cheap to eat, live and roam, and there is very little sense of natural beauty in Egypt, even in deserts to coastal areas. Colorful landscapes can captivate anyone, Egypt’s civilization is old, and Pyramid Egypt is on the list of seven wonders of the ancient world.

Egypt the best place to visit in the world in 2020

7: Peru

Peru is one of the oldest countries and it is also a tourist attraction due to its beautiful and picturesque landscapes and aquatic forests; for entrepreneurs, this country is already an attractive country by business because of mining and shipping. There is a vast industry.

Travel costs are also low throughout the country, while food and supplies are also available in the country with very cheap money. Peru also has the most popular destinations in the world, such as Amazon and Machu Picchu…

Peru the best and cheapest place to visit in the world

8: Malawi

The African country of Malawi has been dubbed “the hot heart of Africa”, it is cheap as well as beautiful, its borders meet with Tanzania, Mozambique, the border with Tanzania and Mozambique is laid by Malawi.

Tanzania has become one of the great targets of the most daring travelers. Located on the west coast of Central Africa, it has Dodoma as its capital. This African country still retains its purity in detail such as its flag.

It reflects the green color, which symbolizes the wealth in natural resources and nature; the yellow color that gives meaning to mineral abundance; the black color that denotes the skin color of the Tanzanians and the blue that gives meaning to the relevance of the sea in this country.

We explain here The best thing about Tanzania is that it brings together everything travelers are looking for on the African continent, considered the best destination for safaris, as well as bringing together mythical places such as the Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria, Lake Manyara National Park or its counterpart, the Tarangire National Park, as well as the city of Zanzibar.


9: Vietnam

Vietnam is a combination of the most beautiful as well as the most expensive places, Paradise Cue, called the cave of paradise, finds 149 Vietnamese dongs in a Pakistani rupee, making it cheaper to eat.

Vietnam Golden Bridge

10: Venezuela

Venezuela is a country with 300 islands and most of the islands are among the most beautiful islands in the world.


11: Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest places to travel in Southeast Asia, with very cheap hotels, accommodation, transport and food, a 26 rupees Cambodian real estate is available for Pakistani.


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