Beautiful Hotels and Resorts Around the World 2020

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2020 beautiful hotels and resorts around the world


The pursuit of a peaceful world like paradise has long been a dream of a man. It is mentioned in history that such a paradise was created by the name of Shahadad bin Aden “Aram” but it did not get the chance. However, the dream of a man in relation to the construction of luxurious houses still remains, where we find stories of diamond and jewellery palaces in the Mughal period in the past, the gold decoration of today is painted by US President Donald Trump. House discussions are common. Now, this dream is not meant for everyone’s busy, but there are many hotels in the world where guests can enjoy a night, week or month. Then why not stay home and take a tour of the hotels that your heart will surely be tempted to visit.


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1: Four Seasons Resort, Thailand

Four Seasons Resort Thailand


Located on the Mae Rim-Samoeng Road in Chiang Mai, a northern Thai city, the beauty of this resting place is a surprise to visitors, surrounded by four green vegetable resorts, home to the sick and nature lovers. Heaven will not be called evil. While enjoying all the amenities here, yoga and fine dining can also be enjoyed. It has 98 rooms, 64 passages, 12 pool villas and 22 residential homes for rent. The 900-square-foot luxury hotel’s interior was designed by Bangkok’s firm Banning Architects while built in the style of Thailand’s ancient Lana Empire. This resort represents the cultures of India, Burma and China.


2: The Lanesborough London

The Lanesborough London


If you want to visit the British capital London and stay in Hyde Park, where the heart can be enjoyed, then your first choice will be Five Star Hotel Lens Borough, which is located on the corner of Hyde Park. The highlight of this hotel, based on the New Classical architecture, is that its exquisite interior design and style look nothing less than a royal hotel. Bedrooms in this hotel are no less than a paradise. In terms of New Classical style, it has the status of masterpiece and sophisticated hotel. So, of course, your first choice would be the Five Star Hotel Lens Borough, which is located on the corner of Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a place where freedom of speech can be used against the government.


3: Sol y Luna – Relais & Chateaux Peru

Sol y Luna - Relais & Chateaux


The Sol y Luna Resort, located in the sacred valley of the Inca civilization, surrounded by the Indies hills of Peru, is in itself a fascinating experience. Especially for those researchers and writers who want to come here to explore the wonders of ancient Colombian culture and Spanish civilization. Its architecture is also preserved in ancient huts but when you look at interior design and location. You will be amazed at how wonderful facilities are arranged in this quiet valley. Exterior simplicity cannot be ascertained its interior ornamentation. This hotel in nature’s origins is considered paradise because of its simplicity and aesthetics.


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4: Katikies Hotel Greece

Katikies Hotel Greece


Greece’s greatest favour to the West is that it enlightened the West with the light of philosophy and science. Located on the Aegean Caldera, on the Aegean coast in the country’s island of Santorini, the Catecz Luxury Hotel is the perfect hotel for its cubicle-style and timeless atmosphere in a milky white colour and blue sea setting. The ocean view and the beauty of the region are enough to captivate those who love the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The hotel is 300 feet above sea level, on the hilltop of the village on the western edge of Santorini, a short distance from the main intersection. Its beautiful architecture draws people to romance.