Xiaomi introduces a strange and unique robot dog

Xiaomi is known for smartphones, tablets, or similar devices but now for the first time, it has introduced a cyber dog robot.

Xiaomi also announced an open-source 4-legged robot during the Mi Mix 4 event. The company is looking to hire developers to develop apps for this open-source robot.

Xiaomi robot dog

This robot is very similar to the robot called Spot of Boston Dynamics. The robot presented at the event was based on Nvidia’s Jetsun Xavier NX, which is said to be the world’s smallest AI supercomputer. The Cyber ​Dog’s mechanical body has 11 sensors, including touch and ultrasonic sensors, to go through the world’s experiences, while the camera and GPS help it connect with its environment.

Xiaomi said the technology is so good that the cyber dog can follow its owner and overcome the difficulties around it. It can also track human faces and identify the way they stand or sit.

Instead of selling it to the public, the company will give away 1,000 models to Xiaomi fans, engineers, and people interested in robots. But it will not be cheap for these people, but it will be possible to buy it only by spending 9999 yuan (more than 253,000 Pakistani rupees).

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