What Does a Full Stack Developer Do and Why Should You Hire One?

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By John Wick

Are you working at a start-up company that is looking to hire developers? Learning the different types of developers can help you decide where you should allocate your resources.

You may have heard or read about “full stack developers” a lot these days, and if you are looking to hire developers, it’s a good idea to start with a full stack developer.

Don’t know what being a full stack developer is? Don’t worry! That’s why we’re here. Everything you need to know and the benefits of having a full stack developer on your team are outlined below.

What Is a Full Stack Developer?

The role of a full stack developer is a relatively new invention. Before, in web development, you’d have a front-end developer, who dealt with all of the design aspects of your web design, and a back end developer who did everything behind the scenes.

A full stack web developer can do both.

When you hire a full stack developer, you get someone who can do the job previously reserved for two people. They can see a web project through from concept to a finished site.

What Are Full Stack Developer Skills?

Due to the type of role, a full stack developer should have a ton of knowledge about all stages of software development.

You want someone comfortable developing the website architecture and design. They should know all about user experience and how they will interact with your web page.

Your full stack developer candidate should know about developing back end applications, creating databases, and ensuring your website’s functionality is optimized for mobile devices.

Everything we have discussed so far skills-wise are technical requirements. You should also consider some soft skills when looking to hire as well. How do they work with other members of the team? Are they good at collaborating with graphic designers and clients? Do they take criticism well?

Project management and time management also play an important part in this role. You want to make sure your full stack developer knows how much time to spend in each project stage.

Keep all of this at the top of your mind when looking for someone to fill this role.

What Qualifications Should a Web Developer Have?

A full stack developer should have a degree or the equivalent certification in computer science. You want to ensure they have some major in software development as well. This will show you they have all the foundational knowledge of computer science.

After determining they have the proper foundation, you want to look for someone who did some internships while in school. This will help narrow down who has relevant work experience.

Job experience and extensive knowledge of the different coding languages are essential as well. If you want someone who can do it all, they should show what they are capable of.

You can also get Full Stack Developer certification in Washington.

What Kind of Languages Can a Full Stack Developer Work In?

Most full stack developers will be experienced and fluent in, or at least understand, all the basic web development languages.

The absolute best candidates will be fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and one or more backend languages like PHP, Python and Ruby, web architecture, database storage, HTTP, Git, and GitHub.

These are all fundamentals of web design and should be at the top of your list when looking to hire a full stack developer.

Some full stack developers will have different focuses. For example, a Java full stack developer will focus on Java and all of the processes, tools, and frameworks that work with Java.

A full stack software developer will work on software and have a great understanding of software architecture. The languages they are fluent in may vary slightly from a full stack web developer, but the role’s idea is still the same.

Why Hire a Full Stack Developer?

Hiring a full stack developer can help save your company a ton of money. If you hire a single person who can take care of both front end and back end development, you have less to worry about in the hiring and human resource department. When a single person can take on the role of two, you should jump at the opportunity.

If you are a start-up or smaller business looking to scale, hiring a full stack developer can also help you remain agile as new projects come up. Having someone on your staff who is super versatile avoid limitations.

The other thing about full-stack developers is they are very experienced. To get as knowledgeable as they are, they’ve had to work with and explore a ton of different coding languages.

They know all about project development, working with clients, and ensuring projects run smoothly. Having a person with all of that experience on your team can be extremely helpful in various situations.

Now You Know Why Hiring a Full Stack Developer is a Great Idea

A full stack developer can be a crucial hire on your team. They know just about everything and can take care of everything from small projects to large scale. Having a developer who is this versatile will help your company grow.

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