How to utilize the full power of HTML5 for your game development

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The gaming industry has been transformed in many ways since the advent of html5 game development. It is no longer the new kid on the block and there is no dearth to find a good html5 development company in India with many companies having a good many years of experience in its development and application.

Html5 game development is popular amongst game developers especially with html5 Development Company in India due to the following facts.

1: Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility:

Html5 game development makes it possible to make it compatible across a range of devices easily. It makes it easier to implement changes and easier to sync those changes effectively. They have proven their worth on old as well as newer browsers like Firefox, Android Browser, Google Chrome, Blackberry Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and Mobile as well as on different operating systems like iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, etc. This helps any of the html5 development companies in India to save on costs by not having to create native apps for each operating system.

2: Remote updating:

The best part of html5 game development is that the updates happen automatically without the user intervention to update manually. This benefits both the app and game developers as well as the end-user who sees the updated version when they open it without worrying about the latest version and updated features.

3: Suited to emerging markets:

Any of the emerging markets like India, Africa, China, etc. who have a range of devices and OS devices running need not worry about the game working on their specific device. This huge market would have gone untapped if for instance, a game had to be developed for each version which would have been a nightmare.

4: Loved by developers:

Html5 game development reduces the workload of the developers who can focus on their time in developing only one version of the game instead of having to worry about different devices. Html5 is also an enterprise-ready technology which easily handles various gaming domains and is also a mature code that fits the consumer space easily.

5: Compatible gaming engines and frameworks:

Html5 game development got another boost in the form of development of html5 game engines that have reduced the work for developers even further by creating a fully functional game for almost every circumstance and technical intricacies involved like audio, maps, animations, puzzles, shooting, strategy, simulation, board, etc. The use of paid and a lot of free html5 game engines and frameworks has become possible to bring down the costs of game development while making html5 game development a much simpler task. Some of the more favored and oft used free html5 gaming engines are:

  • Construct 2 is specially designed for 2D games that require no coding to build a game.
  • The impact is a JS game engine that helps develop games for desktops and mobiles.
  • The phase is a lightweight 2D game framework with many options for game development.
  • Crafty is another JS game engine that has amazing features for sprite map support, collision detection, and much more.

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