Why Outsource a Web Development Company in Vietnam

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As a growing market for software development outsourcing, Vietnam has emerged in the last couple of years in the global IT community. With its competitive outsourcing cost and highly qualified IT workforce and top tech talents, Vietnam is considered as a popular destination for organizations seeking to outsource their software development projects.

Are you considering to outsource web development company in Vietnam? This blog post will cover a few reasons why Vietnam is a great place to outsource your software projects. It has one of the lowest costs, as well as a tax incentive program.

Providing reliable and cost-efficient services

Known as one of the most cost-effective software outsourcing options, Vietnam offshore software development is well known. Using offshore development is 90% cheaper in Vietnam than hiring US staff, according to CIO magazine. This is 50% less expensive than China and 30% less expensive than India, according to the publication. Product Coalition has also ranked Vietnam among the “10 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2020.”. Outsourcing software development to Vietnam is a smart financial decision.


Outsourcing in India is much more stable and has lower turnover than in most other countries. It is estimated that Vietnamese firms have a turnover rate of under 5% due to IT, but in many other countries, such as India, the rate might be closer to 10%.

Leading-Edge Technologies:leads the industry in Vietnam software outsourcing. Vietnam is making its mark on the world stage as one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies. Blockchain is one of the cutting-edge technologies that is leading the way into the future.

Outsourcing companies in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) provide services that encompass cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and machine learning, as well as emerging technologies such as blockchains.

Proficiency in English

It may be difficult for IT companies to succeed when it comes to language, but Vietnam software outsourcing is not as challenging. Different cultures and linguistic barriers might prevent some countries from accepting this idea. Vietnam is not concerned because it is an English-speaking country that understands international standards such as pixel art and Java coding (even though they have no idea what those words mean).

Developing custom software and mobile apps in Vietnam has many advantages.

A Destination You Can Trust

From an impoverished society to becoming a middle-income country over the last three decades, Vietnam’s economy has grown steadily. Reforms aimed at enhancing corporate efficiency have contributed to the economy. The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) governs Vietnam with political stability and social harmony.

Global GDP grew by 5.64% during the first half of 2021, up from 1.82% during the same period last year, according to Vietnam’s General Statistics Office (GSO).


Vietnamese workers are well known for their expertise in the IT sector. In the next four years, Vietnam is predicted to be among the top three countries with the most engineers. As a result, enterprises, and organizations all over the world can find and hire offshore software development team in Vietnam.

Because of Vietnam’s talented workforce, skilled professionals who are fluent in English can be found. This improves the communication than if your business associates were spread out across the country.

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