WhatsApp Web Keyboard Shortcuts and Fingerprint Unlock

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WhatsApp Web Keyboard Shortcuts and Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app in the world. It’s the biggest free messaging portal in the world. WhatsApp is keeping focusing to provide the best services to its users. In a recent update in November, WhatsApp introduces Fingerprint unlock feature in WhatsApp and Keyboard Shortcuts for WhatsApp Web users.

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WhatsApp Web Keyboard Shortcuts

WhatsApp launches Keyboard Shortcuts for WhatsApp web Users. Users can use following Keyboard shortcuts to perform quick operations in WhatsApp Web. Here are the 9 WhatsApp Keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut for New Chat Alt+Ctrl +n
Keyboard Shortcut for New Group: Alt+Ctrl+N
Keyboard Shortcut for Profile and about Alt+Ctrl+P
Keyboard Shortcut for Settings Alt+Ctrl+,
Keyboard Shortcut for Search Alt+Ctrl+ /
Keyboard Shortcut for Search Chat Alt+Ctrl+F
Keyboard Shortcut for Archive Chat Alt+Ctrl+E
Keyboard Shortcut for Mute Alt+Ctrl+M
Keyboard Shortcut for Mark as Unread: Alt+Ctrl+U

How to setup Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp introduces a fingerprint unlock system for Android users in a recent WhatsApp update. Fingerprint unlock can easily be enabled using the following method.

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Open WhatsApp App: Tap settings then go to Account after that click on Privacy and in the privacy section, you will find fingerprint lock and unlock feature.

Whatsapp Web Keyboard Shortcut Keys