What to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a New Phone

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Technology companies seem to have ads for new phones every month, which is frustrating if you like to use your phones for more than a few weeks. However, after a while, your phone stops working efficiently and you need to upgrade. As you prepare to go phone shopping, keep these ideas in mind.

Technology Quality

Today, you can still buy flip phones, but it’s a wiser investment to choose a model that uses the latest technology. Newer phones work faster, last longer, and are more durable than their predecessor’s thanks to recent advancements. For example, silicon wafer dicing produces microchips faster because of the pick and place system. If you’re not sure which technology improvements are included in an upgrade, ask a salesperson.


In an ideal world, it wouldn’t matter how breakable your phone was, but in reality, you drop your phone several times a week. Unless you want to come right back to the store for a replacement, choose a model that is shatter-resistant or buy a reliable case such as an Otterbox. Resist the temptation to carry your phone around without a case; even though it looks nice, it’s not worth the hassle and stress of a broken screen.

Product Sourcing

Phones use many different metals to operate smoothly and last as long as possible. Unfortunately, technology companies do not always source their products ethically, sometimes relying on child labor or practices that are not environmentally sustainable. Before you go to the store, research the major phone producers and choose the brand that has the most ethical methods.


Different models come with different amenities, and it’s important to think about what your priorities are before you make your purchase. Do you want a large screen so that you can watch movies on the go, or do you prefer a sleeker model that fits better in your pocket? Do you like the consistent designs of iPhones, or do you prefer the durability of Androids? Make a list of your top five priorities before looking at your options. This will help you to stay unbiased as salespeople encourage you to choose a particular model.

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There are so many options for cellphones that you may be overwhelmed at the thought of buying a new one. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to be a savvy shopper. Use these tips to guide your purchase, and you’ll be ready to pick the best phone for your lifestyle.