What New Surprises are Fuel Wheels Packing for 2022? A Sneak Peek

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By Kaleem Ullah

When it comes to dominating the world of high-end custom car rims, there are very few brands that come even remotely close to Fuel Wheels.

This is because Fuel has a few tricks up its sleeves which ensure its enduring popularity and its legacy of goodwill among its legions of fans and followers worldwide. Fuel Wheels was carved out from its parent company, MKW Alloys, in 2009 when the latter bigger company realized that the market dynamic was altering, and more people were looking for aggressive and off-road friendly car wheels.

Thus began the journey of Fuel, and it has not faltered until now. This is something that most companies in the same niche and user base never quite manage to do. But Fuel’s rims are made even more desirable by one single factor: its models and ranges are updated every year. 

That is to say, Fuel introduces a series of new custom car rims every year. Every year, these new models create a sensation in the global hubs of custom wheels, meaning that they can retain that halo around the brand for years to come.

While buyer sentiment has been a bit low due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, Fuel Wheels has not faltered one inch. In these two years of economic volatility, Fuel produced a limited number of newer models, instead focusing on improving the already-existing ones. 

In 2022, the following are the hottest car wheels that Fuel has introduced. Let’s take you beyond the obvious and help you understand what’s different this year.

Fuel Wheels in 2022: New Horizons

Here are some of the top-rated models from the house of Fuel which have debuted this year.

1. Fuel Ammo D700: While the Ammo range is not a new one, the model D700 certainly is. It is a 1-piece wheel manufactured from 6160 T6-grade high-quality aluminum which has been tempered at very high temperatures to ensure that its durability and appeal stay intact even after severe punishment.

This new car rim comes in three diameters- from 17 to 20 inches. It has 5 sturdy and chunky spokes unlike some of Fuel’s other models which have more spokes. It comes in lug nut numbers of 5 or 6. 

Going by the specs, it is evident that this new model has been launched keeping bigger pick-up vehicles in mind. In fact, one of the first glimpses we got of these new car wheels was in an advertisement for one of the latest Ford F-250 series. 

As of now, the model has only been released in matter black finish, but it is expected that Fuel Wheels will release a few more color variants in the coming months.

2. Fuel Ammo D790: Fuel has another addition this year to its Ammo range, a family which has been pretty successful over the previous few years. But the main USP of this model is the color scheme. The D790 comes in a fantastic and awe-inspiring blue and black combination that is so good you would be hard-pressed to believe it actually exists.

It is one of those rare car rims which can up the oomph factor on any vehicle you try it on. The model is only available in 17 and 20-inch diameters; there is nothing much to choose from here. But with these custom rims adorning your vehicle, your staid sedan will look more like a feline monster on the roads.

The designers at Fuel Wheels have ensured that the blue part is not too tacky and does not overshadow the outer black ends in any way. This is where the model succeeds. 

3. Fuel Arc D797: The Arc is another of Fuel’s most popular models. It’s D797 model has been scheduled for an earlier launch but was pushed back to 2022 due to unspecified reasons. With the new Arc, Fuel Wheels expects that it can once again assume a position of dominance in the sports utility vehicle niche where it has sometimes been overshadowed by a handful of other companies.

The Arc 797 comes in a magnificent 10-spoke design and multiple color schemes. We saw the metallic brown and platinum bronze variants and they looked super-cool. These rims come in bigger diameters of 20 and 22-inches. This makes these car wheels best-equipped for bigger vehicles and will surely not dent the pockets of those looking for a set of sturdy off-roading capable rims.

To ensure that these rims do not add to the gross weight of the vehicle, Fuel Wheels has managed to keep the weight of the new Arc models a tad lower than their previous iterations. 

The immediate advantage of this reduction is an increase in mileage. Besides, the wheels will also have a better response to panic braking and faster acceleration.

Summing up

Fuel Wheels does not have too many licensed and third-party suppliers. Its supply chain is still a bit problematic.

Whenever you are buying car rims from their stable, ensure you get the label of authenticity and the warranty cards. 

Happy motoring!