What could be the best smartwatch?

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By John Wick

Wearable technology is one of the hottest trends of 2014. The brightest thing these days is the watch or rather the smartwatch. Although there are various concepts and accessories available in the market, we do not have a smartwatch for galaxy s9 that is close to the perfect smartwatch that is loved by audiences all over the world and does not have such a good device. Replace their fancy watches as people choose. Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Gear has a number of significant bugs. We try to get the best smart watch. How can this be?

mobile phones

Maybe you have a smartphone, maybe you have a tablet. Maybe you have a separate media player (like the iPod). Do you like the idea of ​​charging another device’s battery every day? The Galaxy Gear manufacturers thought this was not a big deal. Our vision is the opposite. We are accustomed to smartphone batteries that do not last all day, but they are not even needed for our watches. Do you pay once a week? may be. Once a day? This is a fun prospect.

Touchscreen mobile technology makes it difficult to make a real mobile phone and manufacturers have not yet succeeded. Smart watches like the Galaxy Gear are now delicious. There is a solution that can help – wireless charging. This means that our smart watches can be ignored. After all, we did not go down without explaining ourselves.

Made globally.

It’s very subjective because it tastes different, and not everyone likes the design of the Galaxy Gear. Make something that looks good on your hand while you are wearing it. Needless to say, our hands come in a variety of sizes and styles.


Current models of such watches, first and foremost, complete the functionality of powerful and powerful devices and their ecosystems, which are features and data collectors of other intelligent devices. Galaxy Gear is currently compatible with Samsung’s limited number of smartphones and phones. If you want the product to be mainstream with various Android devices then such a ban is not good news. If Apple finally decides to launch a smartwatch, the adaptation problem will not be difficult to deal with because Apple knows how to clean its products and services.

Evidence of time

Especially with regard to Apple, we are accustomed to the one year life cycle of smartphones and tablets. But a year after buying an existing one, do we still need a newer version of the smartwatch? Especially if you find it difficult to use platform updates, say so after two or three years. People are often accustomed to their old ways and do not want to change them. If you were one of those people, would you look at a smartwatch differently?

Active (no more)

Smart watches are compatible with mobile devices and should not only be devices but also behaviors. We do not need advanced sources and power generation processors. It is better to get rid of unwanted features that work better on your smartphone. You do not have to invent new things to control the watch, make sure it works better, and make sure it works better than any other mobile device. Do you want to read and send emails on a 1.3 ” – 1.5 ” screen? View assignments / notes? It’s better.

It is only a matter of integrating the old function into a better form element. You do not have to have everything to make a successful product. Notifying you of an email is not the best thing to do for a smartwatch. When the screen gets rich, our smartphones have the function of checking and responding to social network messages (and more information), right? Especially if the battery life is not over.

So what else can happen to a smartwatch? Contact list and voice control phone? If you want to talk to your watch, it is best to answer the call quickly without taking it off your phone. The media player? Nice to have one or two songs on your playlist. However, this feature significantly reduces battery life. A tool for social networking? It’s not good, but you can quickly delete it via your Twitter feed – not every social network has a smartwatch. Health & Fitness Tracker? The Galaxy Gear, for example, has a pedometer as an obvious alternative. Weather and alarm clock? Really. What do you think are the features of a great smartwatch?