What Are the Rarest Beanie Babies Ever?

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Beanie Babies were first introduced in 1994, with nine original Beanie Babies. Many people remember them fondly, and many have passed them down or kept them stored away. But, it is worth checking whether you have some of the rarest Beanie Babies.

Rare Ty Beanie Babies are highly sought after as collectible items. Whether you want to sell your rare Beanie Babies or just learn more about them, look no further. We have you covered with this rare Beanie Babies list.

Peanut (Royal Blue)

Peanut had a few changes over the years, so it is one of the rarest Beanie Babies. Ty changed the original royal blue color, so Peanuts’ original royal blue fabric is hard to come by. The royal blue Peanuts are worth the most.


Humphrey was made into one of the original nine Beanie Babies. Ty made only 25,000, and he was the first beanie baby to retire! If you have a Humphrey or others on the list, there are places to learn more and sell rare Beanie Babies.

Quackers (Without Wings)

Strangely, when Quackers the Duck was first introduced, he had no wings! After a year and a half, he gained wings, so the Quackers without wings is one of the rarest Beanie Babies. Also, look for other manufacturing mistakes, such as the misspelled name tag of ‘Quacker.’


Peking, the panda, is a popular and rare Beanie Baby. He does not have a birthday or poem. The first-generation tags can fetch the highest prices.

Employee Bear

The Employee bear is one of the rarest Beanie Babies and can sell for thousands of dollars. They were unavailable to the general public, and the 300 produced were given to Ty sales representatives. Like all rare Beanie Babies, the ones in mint condition are worth the most.


Brownie the Bear might be the answer to the question, what is the rarest Beanie Baby?

Brownie is another one who retired quickly because of the name being a spelling mistake. He was then back to work with the name ‘cubbie’. As a result, those with a Brownie tag are highly valuable.


Caw the Crow is difficult to source, so he makes the rare Beanie Babies list. He retired by 1995 and did not have a birthday or poem. He was released with a third-generation tag.


Believe it or not, there is an underground Beanie Baby market, which means you need to look out for counterfeits of rare Ty Beanie Babies. Stegs the Stegosaurus is one of them. The originals have the 1995 copyright year, and his fur is green with yellow and brown.

The Rarest Beanie Babies

Now you know some of the rarest Beanie Babies. There are many out there of high value. And even if you do not want to part with your rare Ty Beanie Babies, it is interesting to know they are pretty unique!

Always check for counterfeits and use reputable websites to buy or sell rare Beanie Babies.  Did you like this article? Browse our other posts for more interesting information!