What Are the Options for a Missing Tooth?

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Whether it was lost during an accident, an injury, or because of a dental deformity, a missing tooth is often quite a noticeable thing. While to some, having a missing tooth isn’t a big issue, for others, it’s something they’ll be desperate to fix.

This sentiment is clearly reflected in the massive rise in popularity many cosmetic dental procedures have enjoyed of late. Cosmetic dentistry, as well as having become more popular, has also experienced many advances and innovations over the past several decades. As a result, there are now a number of different options for missing tooth patients can choose from.

Read on to find out the details of what those options are, and which one may be right for you.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge involves permanently fixing a prosthetic tooth in the mouth. This tooth is supported by the surrounding teeth. A dental bridge can replace a singular tooth or multiple teeth if you have more missing.

Some possible disadvantages of dental bridges are that in some cases they may need replacing after a certain point. They also often require healthy adjacent teeth to be filed down. Finally, at $3,000-$5,000 per bridge, it is not inexpensive.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more invasive option than a dental bridge, but they remain a popular option for missing teeth. This method involves undergoing dental surgery to implant a metal frame into your jaw. A prosthetic tooth is then mounted into the implant.

People choose this option because it is longer lasting than many others. As well as this, the finished product almost identically resembles a real tooth. For more on this procedure, see this guide from Dr. Suzanne Caudry.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are the least invasive of these three options, but it is also the least permanent. This method involves having a prosthetic tooth and plastic gum piece made. They are molded to fit perfectly into the mouth.

Some disadvantages of this treatment include possible feelings of discomfort associated with the dentures. As well as this, the prosthesis must be removed and cleaned every night.

Costs for this treatment vary. However, it will likely set you back between $1,500 and $3,000.

Let It Be

By far the cheapest, but least popular option, is to do nothing at all. If you feel as though you may be able to live with a missing tooth, you can save money and potentially invasive dental work. Despite all this, the majority of people with prominent missing teeth do feel the need to correct them in some way.

Options for a Missing Tooth

As you can see, there are plenty of options for a missing tooth to choose from. Before you decide what’s best for you, make sure to talk your choices through with a trusted dental professional.

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