How to Have the Ultimate Day Trip to Universal Studios

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Are you planning a trip to Universal Studios’s Orlando? Do you want to get the most out of your visit?

Did you know, in 2019, Universal Studios Florida was one of the most visited theme parks in America?

Universal Studios is a fantastic place for all the family. With rides, shows, and food courts to think of, you will need to plan your day.

Time off is precious; make the most of it with this guide on having an ultimate day trip at Universal Studios.

Decide Your Rides

After deciding Universal Studios as one of your Florida day trips, the first thing to do is pick the best rides.

There are so many good rides. You will want to plan your route between each to ensure you can get as many in as you can. Standing in the middle of the park and trying to decide where to go will waste time.

As a group, decide the top five in the early stages.

Go Back to Front

When most people visit a theme park, they will run off to the closest rides to start their day trip. Doing this is a rookie mistake.

Start from the back of the park and make your way to the front. This way, you will avoid those frantic crowds.

You will also have a much higher chance of getting on the rides towards the end of the day.

Grab a Map

You can get a Universal Studios map online. Get you to start your plan.

You have decided your top rides to go on, and you know to start at the back. Now you can determine the best way to put your plan together.

By having a map, you won’t need to worry about losing time searching for directions. That is valuable time you can spend on the rides.

Day Trip Day Tickets

Go online and prebook your Universal Orlando one day tickets. By prebooking your tickets, you take away another chance of panicking when you arrive.

There are a couple of options for Universal Studios tickets. The Universal standard option lets you jump to queue once for each of the Universal Studios rides.

Do you feel you will take each ride more than once? The Universal express unlimited option allows you to queue jump as many times as you wish.

Arrive Ahead of Time

Your day trip to Universal Studios has finally arrived. You will want to leave early if you have to travel.

What time is Universal open to the public? Find out and get there before that time.

Crowds tend to arrive a couple of hours after the park opens due to traveling. Use this to your advantage.

The Park Is Open

Now you know how to make the most out of your day trip to Universal Studios, Florida.

Work out your plan and stick to it. Buy your tickets early and arrive early. The rest of the day

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