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Ways To Keep Your Home Mold Free In The Summer

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By John Wick

Summer season is here, and one should know that this is the season when mold attacks the home, whether it is new or old. Mold is an unwanted guest in the summers, and no one wants to deal with such a thing in their place for different reasons. People know that presence of mold is not a good view, and one would not be able to bear the moldy smell, and it can be hazardous for health too. Yes, this is not a surprise that mold comes with severe consequences to health. So, why take a risk when we can take precautions before mold grows in the summer season. You can get rid of mold with some tips and tricks.

Here are some useful ways that will prevent your home from mold in the summer season:


Keeping your home clean is the key to prevent mold growth in your home. In fact, it is the key to keep every type of bacteria away that will cause illness. In this case, the mold will grow in moist places. It can be anywhere- the bathroom, kitchen walls, attic, basement, or any other corner. Regular cleaning of these areas will help to prevent mold growth. Look for every place that holds moisture and is dark, and do not forget to mend the broken tiles in your home so that mold cannot find a home there. Keeping your place dry will help in avoiding mold growth on summer days.

Control humidity:

Mold grows in dark and damp places. Once you have recognized the areas that are damped throughout, take measures to control humidity. Humidity in summers can be a big problem because it is already high in the air. So one thing is that moisture will enter your home from outside, and the second is the moisture present in your home. You might not be able to control the humidity from outside, but definitely do something about the moist internal conditions. You need to dry the kitchen after cooking, dry the bathroom after using it and make sure that there are no puddles of water in the home.

Air circulation:

Air circulation is important if you do not want mold to grow at your place. Make sure all the vents in your home are open, and the dark places that are not often opened, like attics and basement, get a clear shot of air. So that mold does not get a suitable environment to grow. Air will dry the moisture, if any, at that place, thus preventing mold from making an appearance at your home.

Mold inspection:

Mold can grow under your nose even after taking all the precautions, and you will not have any idea about it. So, before it comes to that, you should do a mold inspection. You can do it on your own or hire professional mold removal services that will help in detecting the mold in your home. They have the adequate tools that they will use to detect the presence of mold. Mold removal services have also opted for thermal inspection that helps to detect mold even in unimaginable places.