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Tips to stop the mold growth at the earliest

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By John Wick

The mold growth is hard to escape and is found everywhere in our surroundings. It can grow and thrive in almost every substance that is full of moisture. When the surface is wet, the mold spores will start to originate and entirely damage the whole area. In no time will this problem go out of our nerves. The mold spores are carried away by the current, so they can completely stick on any surface. The sad news is that mold requires the same temperatures as human beings do to sustain.

Indoor mold growth occurs due to the damp conditions in our houses, and it can virtually make its place on any surface ranging from the ceiling of the house to the painted concrete and plastics. Our home is the breeding ground for damp surfaces, which can lead to mold infestations. The squeezed places cannot meet the ventilation requirements and thus lead to mold growth due to high moisture content.

The bathroom area, kitchen leakages, air vents are the common areas where the mold spores are prevalent. Storing the items and not looking after them for years can also lead to mold growth, spreading to the surrounding areas. Apart from this, wintertime is the prime time for the mold infestations in our houses as our houses are packed up and locked most of the time. The early mold inspection can still save us from devastating circumstances. So here are few points that can help us stop the growth of the molds at the early stages.

The moisture content

Molds need moisture to survive. The damp conditions are the common factor that leads to the growth of the molds. We should be cautious when water accumulation is taking place. The water stagnation in the pipes will become the breeding ground for the molds to thrive. The sinks, walls must be dried up at the earliest.


There are several food items on which the molds can develop. The molds entirely eat up the vegetables, meat, drywalls, wooden structures. We can keep a check over the surfaces of our houses, and cleaning our house should be our first and foremost priority. The kitchen shelves, the refrigerator should be free of food waste.

Darkness in the house

The sun rays are known to kill molds. That is why mold growth is not seen outdoors. Every part of our home should be completely lit up. The storage rooms and attics must be taken care of as there is no way for the light to enter those areas. So the dark places of the house must be paid special attention and inspected at regular intervals.


Mold growth is widespread in freezing temperatures. Mold grows when the air is humid and carries a lot of dampness. A warm environment is ideal for mold growth, and you need to be extra vigilant in the summer days when the temperature goes very high. Molds grow at a very high speed in temperatures above 60 degrees.