Vitamins that keep skin healthy

Nature has made human skin soft and delicate and very sensitive. To look beautiful, not only make-up but proper skin care is essential. For skin beauty, more important than creams and lotions is to get the right diet.

Everyone wants to enjoy a diet they like, but Cristiana Bierle, director of the dermatology and allergy department at Germany’s HELIOS Clinic, says, “People who don’t use a balanced diet are more likely to have skin issues. The skin is the largest organ in the human body.

Every moment our skin is exposed to harmful substances. Which makes it possible for the delivery of unstable nuclear particles and harmful substances in the body. It causes extraordinary damage to our bodies.

In this article, we will talk about the vitamins the keep skin healthy. Vitamins play an important role in making your skin look beautiful and healthy. In this article, we will tell you about different Vitamins that keep skin healthy.

Here is the list of Vitamins that keep skin healthy

1: Vitamin A

Gabriele Graf, a German nutritionist, also places an extraordinary emphasis on the importance of vitamins and minerals for clean and clear skin. She says, ‘Vitamin A is very important for skin freshness’. Vitamin A relieves skin irritation and fatigue. This deficiency causes the skin to dry and the skin begins to cling to the skin.

Vitamin A helps prevent skin problems caused by aging. In addition, it protects the skin from nail acne, shadows, and wrinkles. Vitamin A is mostly found in milk, carrots, and fish. Vitamin A is also found in watermelon.

The vitamin A contained in it slows down the open gums of the skin and slows down the fat-producing glands while rubbing it on the skin gives it a cleanser function.

2: Vitamin B

Vitamin B enhances your complexion. Vitamin B complex provides essential oils to the skin. It keeps the skin young. Vitamin B deficiency causes skin rashes, itching, wrinkles, and lip blasts.

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3: Vitamin C

Vitamin C builds immunity against the germs in the skin. It is helpful in making collagen fibers and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Vitamin C provides immune to many germs in the skin. Strawberries are one of the major sources of vitamin C for skin health. The vitamin C contained in it is also important for increasing the level of collagen in the body, which helps to improve the elasticity and softness of the skin.

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Collagen levels decrease with age, but a diet rich in vitamin C can help keep skin healthy and young.  In addition to vitamin C, ellagic acid in strawberries also prevents collagen removal and edema response, both of which cause wrinkles. So always eat strawberries wherever you look and protect your skin from wrinkles. In addition, orange is also a nutritious fruit, which is an excellent and easy way to get vitamin C. Also, you can use Vitamin C Serum in order to help your skin fade dark spots and brighten skin by inhibiting melanin production

4: Vitamin D

The beauty of this vitamin is that it can be obtained without money. Simply sitting in the sun for a lot of vitamin D can help improve health.

After sunlight, Vitamin D is mostly found in Milk. This is why a glass of milk daily keeps the bones, muscles, and teeth strong and it brings brightness and shines in the skin. Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for the skin. The deficiency of this can cause skin problems.

5: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is helpful in reducing wounds, inflammation, and skin redness and irritation. This soluble vitamin is a powerful antioxidant. It produces strong force against free radicals born in the skin. Vitamin E is an essential ingredient for the making of skin products. Such creams, which contain vitamin E, are useful in applying the skin.

Men need to take 15 units of Vitamin E daily and 12 units for women to maintain health. A substantial amount of vitamin E is found in wheat, bananas, sunflower seeds, green beans, vegetable oils, spinach, etc.

There is another secret to having a fresh and youthful face. That is, drink more water and keep the body hydrated. Drinking plenty of water keeps the face refreshed. Most experts say that the use of vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids is very important for healthy skin.

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