Using Memes to Attract More User Attention on Digital Platform

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By Kaleem Ullah

If you log in to any of your social media accounts, and as you scroll through, you are bound to come across several memes within no time. Memes have become the trendiest and popular items on the internet currently. And this is not just because of the satire and sarcasm used; it is also because of its easy sharing nature. As conveniently people can share and reshare memes, it has led to snowballing and going viral across platforms to grab the user’s attention.

How to grab user attention with creative memes?

 Companies and brands have started observing, and memes are being used more and more in campaigns and marketing strategies. It is simply because of the engagement memes have been generating throughout. Memes are helping to close the gap between the companies and the target customers. Memes may not be the save-all answer for most, but it has become something worth utilizing. Below are a few factors that you should consider if you want to use memes to your advantage in delivering your campaign message.

Memes offer you to communicate with your target consumers without shoving an ad campaign down their throats. With the advancement of technology and all other developments, viewers have become more ambitious for online advertisements. They have also learned the art of completely ignoring the advertisements, especially the millennial era demographic. Marketing strategies that offer nothing creative are likely to receive low to no engagement at all. Meme Scout offers a large variety of memes for all kinds of marketing. It is the one-stop for all your marketing solutions.

However, memes offer creativity, humor, entertainment, and sarcasm to garner more attention and receive more significant engagement. It helps in amplifying your message consistently. Memes on social media platforms are conveniently consumed and shared. You will receive a greater engagement rate while utilizing because your target consumers will not feel as if they are sharing, commenting, and liking an ad campaign. For your consumers, it is simply a meme.

Memes offer a creative marketing strategy to brands that are not considered “exciting” on social media networks

Test out meme marketing

 There are two things to keep in mind while making a meme that assures a positive result:

  • It is essential to be relatable; just working too hard on it is not crucial. Most companies who have found success through memes have target audiences ranging among millennials and Gen Z. These two generations are the most tech-savvy demographic in the current times. The idea is for you to appear creative and cool without trying too hard to occur. The key is to generate memes specifically for your targeted consumers.
  • When using memes as ad campaigns, timing is critical. It is essential to create memes as per events that are trending. Using older events or memes has a negative effect.

Therefore, a brand adopting a meme-focused social media marketing strategy can receive more engagement across platforms instead of a to-the-point advertisement post. The more creative and unique memes you can come up with, the better it is for the brand.