As Twitter bans Donald Trump’s account permanently, it’s raining memes online

Reuters reports that the Twitter administration recently shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account for sharing hateful material about the riots on Capitol Hill, the most important area of ​​the US capital. Twitter also confirmed on the official Twitter handle that from January 9, 2021, Donald Trump’s official Twitter account will be closed forever.

After the ban on Trump’s Twitter account. It’s raining memes online. After the announcement, from celebrities to comedians and political figures, even companies took to social media with a multitude of reactions, poking fun at the president.

While some people thinking that why it took so long to ban trump from Twitter. People are making jokes and saying that Trump will surely try to use his family member’s Twitter accounts to tweet from now on.
Following the ban, MySpace also started trending on Twitter, with many joking now he’ll try to revisit it now to rant.

Check out some of the reactions here:



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One thought on “As Twitter bans Donald Trump’s account permanently, it’s raining memes online

  • May 6, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    Today’s Democrats are not the party of yesteryear, they are Communists that are destroying our liberty and freedoms.
    I WAS an old lifelong Democrat until President Trump’s America First Agenda came into view, Trump turned me 100% Republican but we MUST get rid of the traitorous Rhinos that are a cancer that is destroying the party from within.
    Signed as a former UAW leader and an ex-Democrat


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