Twitter shut down Donald Trump’s account forever

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Twitter, the world’s most powerful microblogging site, soon shut down the account of outgoing US President Donald Trump. In the past, the Twitter administration used to delete hateful and violent tweets from Donald Trump, but now his account has been permanently shut down.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites have been deleting Donald Trump’s hateful posts, but other websites have not yet permanently blocked his account.

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Reuters reports that the Twitter administration recently shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account for sharing hateful material about the riots on Capitol Hill, the most important area of ​​the US capital.

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Twitter also confirmed on the official Twitter handle that from January 9, 2021, Donald Trump’s official Twitter account will be closed forever.

The Twitter administration said that Donald Trump’s account was being closed for violating the rules set by the micro-blogging website.

The Associated Press (AP) reported that Donald Trump’s closed account was created 12 years ago. According to the report, Donald Trump had created this account in May 2009 even before he became a politician and he used it to the best of his ability to achieve many of his goals.

Donald Trump’s closed account has generated 57,000 tweets in the last 12 years, most of which have been criticized around the world for the last five years. Since Donald Trump took over the US presidency in 2016, he has made mostly hateful or offensive tweets on Twitter for political purposes.

Twitter Suspends Donald Trump's account permanently

The Twitter administration has also deleted dozens of Donald Trump tweets in the last five years for making hateful, violent, misinformation, and hurtful tweets. Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been shut down as he completes his last days as the 45th president of the United States.

Donald Trump will step down from the presidency on January 20 and will be replaced by 79-year-old Joe Biden as the 46th president. Donald Trump lost the November 2020 election and recently acknowledged his defeat, before he spoke of electoral fraud.