Melania to divorce Donald Trump, says ex-aide, claims she’s ‘counting every minute’

After President Trump’s election defeat, Melania Trump has decided to go to court for a divorce. A report published in Britain’s leading newspaper The Independent claims that Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States, has decided to end her 15-year marriage with her 74-year-old husband Donald Trump.

Former Trump administration official Stephanie Walk-off has claimed that Melania is eagerly awaiting leaving the White House. Melania will get a divorce as soon as Donald Trump leaves the White House. Former government official Stephanie Walk-off says Donald Trump will have to bear the trauma of losing his wife as well as losing the election because Melania Trump is going to divorce her husband soon.

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She said that as soon as Trump leaves the US presidency and leaves the White House, Melania will also separate from Trump. She also revealed that Melania is eagerly awaiting his departure from the White House. Earlier in the day, Melania burst into tears over Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory in 2016 because she did not believe that her husband Trump would win the election. Stephanie said Melania did not shift to the White House until five months after winning the election.

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Foreign media reports also say that Donald Trump and his wife Melania have separate bedrooms in the White House. Because their marriage is going on under an agreement and under that agreement, they live separately, but get together during the day.


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5 thoughts on “Melania to divorce Donald Trump, says ex-aide, claims she’s ‘counting every minute’

  • Maybe so, maybe no. The reason she didn’t move into the White House for 5 months was so that Baron could finish his school year without that additional disruption to his life. If they can misspeak about something like this, I prefer to wait and see for myself.

  • I’ll not hold my breath on that claim.

  • I am praying that this divorce will not happen and that they will reconcile. With God all things are possible!

  • Because she knows that his lying racists behind is going to prison. Smart lady.

  • Really hope that it’s not true. Baron still needs parents together.


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