5 Fun Online Games to Play with your Roommates in your PG in Hyderabad

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A PG can be a potpourri of cultures, as people from different parts of the country, with diverse backgrounds and influences, converge in one place, growing and experiencing life together. What could be a possible icebreaker when you move to this new set-up, say in a PG in Kukatpally, Q City, Kondapur, or any other locality in Hyderabad. Well, most people would call bonding over food and shared meals a great opportunity to connect. And we agree wholeheartedly. But if you are in a Stanza Living accommodation, we would also put their social activities – especially the gaming and entertainment facilities – right on top of the list, apart from the yummy menu they serve.

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In these trying times, especially when you are confined indoors, we would recommend that you make use of such entertainment facilities (albeit keeping all social distancing advisories in mind) if you have that opportunity in your PG. Even better, how about setting up some online gaming sessions which can be indulged in even without leaving the comfort of your rooms. Scroll below for some fun recommendations:


The good old Ludo is everyone’s childhood favorite and now in its online avatar, it has become that one board game that everyone is bonding over during the pandemic. Ludo sessions in PGs in Hyderabad are a common sight now and everyone seems to have some of the other winning trick, sharpened over years of playing the game, and now coming into application in the midst of a lockdown. Ludo King and many other such applications are easily available on the Google play store and Apple store so hurry up and start playing.

Snapchat Games

Well if you use Snapchat, you can access a whole bouquet of games that they offer, without having to clear up extra space on your phone. All you need to do is tap on the rocket launcher icon on the bottom right of your screen and you are ready to play. They also have community playing options where you can indulge in a gaming challenge with your roommates, compete on the best scores or the highest unbeaten streak. So, whether you are in your coliving space or scattered across the country, you can continue having some virtual fun during the lockdown.

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Two Truths and a Lie

This is one of the best time games to sharpen your detective skills. Every individual takes a turn posting two truths and a lie about themselves, and the others need to figure out the false statement. As the game advances, the lies and the truths can get harder to uncover. Now that’s what we call really getting to know your roommates.


You don’t even need another player for this one. Sudoku can be a great way to relax your mind and even improve your logical skills. It’s a rationale-based game to fill every segment, each line, and every one of the smaller 3×3 boxes within a larger 9×9 matrix is with digits from 1 to 9, without repetition. How about challenging your roommate to a winner takes all? Further, check the best ranged weapons in OSRS.

Scrabble Go

This one is for all the vocabulary lovers! Scrabble Go is an online version of the good old board game where you attempt to create the maximum number of words and win points. The online game likewise offers some exceptional difficulties with models like Tumbler, Rush, Word drop, and Duels to make your matches harder. Get your tablets and PCs, set-up gaming zones in the spacious, well-designed entertainment areas at your Stanza Living accommodation, and get ready for fun.

So are you ready to beat the lockdown blues?