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US Tourism Magazine named Pakistan the best country for 2020

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US Tourism Magazine named Pakistan the best country for 2020

According to details, American magazine Conde Nast has declared Pakistan as the number one country in the best countries for tourism. According to the American magazine, Pakistan will be the best country for tourism in 2020. US magazine said in its report that the peace situation in Pakistan has been the focus of attention, positive visa measures have made Pakistan the best tourist country.

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Conde Nast Magazine says that Pakistan is rich in historical and beautiful natural landscapes.

The American magazine also mentions the highest mountain ranges from popular tourist destinations in Pakistan.

It is to be noted that US magazine has released a list of 20 countries in which Pakistan, UK, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Philippines, France, Sicily, Senegal, Portland, Lebanon, China, Denmark, The British Virgin came Land, Morocco, Panama, Croatia, and Japan. American magazine Conde Nast is the most popular tourism and lifestyle magazine and has been awarded 25 National Awards so far.