Improvements in Pakistan’s position on the world’s most powerful passport list

Improvements in Pakistan’s position on the world’s most powerful passport list

Japan has once again honoured the world’s most powerful passport, while Pakistan’s position has improved by two steps over the past year. According to the World Bank Henley, the ranking of passports of 107 countries in the world was released, with Japan ranked first and Singapore slipping to second.

Hanley, the international passport-tracking body, issued a new ranking for passports for the year 2020. According to Henley’s report, 191 Japanese nationals, while Singapore nationals, can travel in 190 countries and cities without interruption.

According to the report, Germany and South Korea were third, Finland and Italy ranked fourth, with citizens travelling to 189 and 188 countries, respectively, without restrictions.

In the World Rankings, Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg and Spain were fifth, France and Sweden ranked sixth, as well as Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland Landsatowen, Belgium, Greece, Norway, UK and USA ranked eighth.

Individuals with second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth passports can travel to 187, 186,185,184 countries, respectively, without having permission or obtaining a visa.

According to the Henley Index, passports from Australia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand were ninth, while Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, were the tenth most powerful passports, with citizens travelling to 183 and 181 countries respectively.

The last 107 in the index was Afghanistan’s passport, while Iraq was 106th, Syria at 105th. The Pakistani passport has reached the 104th position after two-tier development, with people with visa-free travel to 32 countries.


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