Understanding the Different Types of Law Enforcement Gear

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Whether you’re currently in law enforcement or are considering it, there are more than 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. Out of this, about 12% are female.

A scary statistic is that since 1786 there have been more than 22,000 officers killed in the line of duty. What type of gear is available to make their jobs a little easier and safe? Read on to explore the different law enforcement gear that’s available to keep you safe during those uncertain times.

1: Bulletproof Vest

When it comes to level 4 body armor or bulletproof vests, they’re considered police officer gear to keep you safe. You can even choose a soft bulletproof vest since they’re less noticeable. It can protect you against pistols, small explosives, rifles, knives, and others.

2: Duty Belt

In order to carry your various police officer equipment, you’ll have a duty belt. They can be made of nylon or leather, and are often black.

3: Handcuffs

Handcuffs are effective in preventing the suspect from causing harm to themselves or others. Many will carry 2-3 pairs at all times.

4: Radio

The radio is one of the most important law enforcement items since it’ll allow you to call for backup. They can be placed right in your utility belt inside the radio pouch. Some locations keep the radio right on their shoulder area for easier access.

5: Law Enforcement Uniforms

Depending on your job in law enforcement, there are class a, b, and c uniforms. C uniforms are great for when you’re looking for comfort and durability.

They’re great for K9 units and SWAT teams. This uniform contains tactical pants, polos, belts, BDU pants, and more.

Class B uniforms are when you need a more relaxed look. They’re often for active-duty offices and those in patrol cars.

These can include PDU pants, a duty belt, armor carrier, tactical pants, and a uniform or polo shirt. Last is a Class A uniform. They’re dress uniforms for law enforcement officers.

These uniforms are for funerals, receptions, and other ceremonies. They’re often made from dark navy wool and come with a coat as well. This also includes white gloves, a formal police hat, uniform shirts, and a tie.

6: Police Boots

Police boots are made with durability and stability in mind. Look for features such as side zippers, slip-resistance, shock absorbency, moisture-wicking, composite or steel toe, and waterproof.

7: Tactical Lights

These are vital to give you more visibility in the dark. They can withstand all types of tough situations and can even be used as a compliance tool.

Exploring the Different Types of Law Enforcement Gear

This guide shows you the different types of law enforcement gear that you’ll find on most if not all police officers. If you’re considering a career in law enforcement, take your time going through the list and make a list of other items that you’ll need.

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