Top Paypal Alternatives in Australia in 2022

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By John Wick


Paypal has been the globe’s leading method of sending and receiving money from businesses and also individuals. Over the past few years, some reputable alternatives have come up, so you now can have a reliable and safe alternative that you can use to send and receive money.


Here are 6 PayPal alternatives for Australian users in 2022.

  1. SecurePay

This Paypal alternative is trusted by more than 90,000 enterprises in Australia and continues to grow in popularity all over the world. SecurePay is a product of the Australian Post and is flexible, secure, and very easy to integrate into other systems. Its reporting system is always very accurate and your business will benefit from using it by cutting down on operational financial reporting costs and reducing errors in your books. Its security and fraud protection strategies are among the best and your customers can pay with their credit or debit cards, PayPal and others. SecurePay works perfectly well with direct debit providers all over Australia.

  1. POLi

POLi comes top as an amazing payment gateway for most people. With this payment platform, you can take advantage of low-cost operations, real-time confirmations, and simple reconciliations. It’s an excellent choice for businesses that desire to receive payment from their customers’ faster, speed as well as conveniently.

  1. Authorize.Net

This has become a popular network for businesses that operate online because of its amazing rates, high-quality customer care, and easy-to-use interface. At the moment, this platform does not allow the sending of money to friends and relatives, but it’s the preferred choice for users who are interested to accept online payments through most of the established gateways globally. Other than proving to be reliable, it’s got an app which you can install on mobile. The 24/7 support and the ability to sync with QuickBooks are among the reasons that have made it an amazing option for businesses.

  1. QuickBooks Payments

This works like Paypal but does not offer the personal sending tools that PayPal is known for. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a good payment solution for their enterprises. What is interesting about it is that your business can easily and conveniently get paid with the QuickBooks tool, which can be integrated with the QuickBooks accounting software that is popular for use by companies.

  1. ApplePay

ApplePay is available to Australians who bank with the bank of Melbourne. While its online services are still restrictive, it’s one of the fastest-growing payment methods both locally in Australia and globally.

  1. eWay

This payment gateway is fast becoming the preferred choice for business owners in Australia. It is safe, efficient, and provides easy reports. It also avails reports about the status of the transactions quickly and efficiently.


The above Paypal alternatives are suitable for all sorts of businesses. Whether you are a small business, freelancer, or drop shipping company, any of the above payment gateways will work just fine for you. And especially for SecurePay, the rate of popularity and growth that has been experienced in recent times is amazing.