Top Online Trading Platforms in 2022

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Choosing the right trading platform is as important as finding a good broker for your trading business. We did the hard research and testing job for you to outline the most reliable and convenient platforms for all sorts of online trading operations, including Forex, stocks, ETFs, and other asset types.

1. MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5

Although there’s a fresh MT5 platform out there, the classic MT4 remains the choice of almost 85% of Forex traders and 55% of retail Forex traders on the worldwide online Forex trade market. The platform allows traders to switch between a variety of top-tier Forex brokers and ensures superb stability due to 15 years of intensive testing on the market. It’s also a platform with the largest library of downloadable advisor bots for all sorts of purposes. The minuses of MT4 include an absence of tools for shared CFD trading and limited charting options.

MT5 was released to close the share CFD trading gap. MT5 is equipped with everything you might need for CFD trading, including an extended indicator kit and a wider selection of order types. The downside is that it is quite challenging to switch from MT4 to MT5 because the two platforms are created in different programming languages.

2. FBS

FBS is a trusted online Forex trade broker with an MT4/MT5-based online trading platform that lets you start trading from any device right away without the need to install any software. If you want to try crypto trading, there’s a convenient crypto mobile trading platform FBS Trader on Google Play and the App Store. It lets you start trading with as low as $1 in deposit and a secure 1:2 leverage. In addition, there’s an extensive educational database with exclusive experience-based info generated during over 12 years of market leadership.

3. cTrader

Although cTrader has a significantly smaller user base compared to MT4 and even MT5, it’s still the #3 most popular platform on the market. All due to its advanced analytical toolkit that beats any other platform in terms of depth and convenience. Another huge benefit is that the platform uses cAlgo powered by C# and .NET framework, which are much more common amongst coders than MLQ4 and MLQ5. Due to this, the development of custom bots is much more accessible and affordable.

4. MarketsX

MX is a top-notch all-purpose multi-asset trading platform with advanced functions for all your trading needs. It comes with 88 technical indicators for in-depth analysis along with 9 chart types, a fully customizable interface, and probably the most convenient drawing tools.

You will also enjoy such features as:

  • negative balance protection;
  • 2K+ CFD instruments;
  • 2K+ stocks (first 3 months commission-free);
  • 67 Forex currency pairs.

5. Ninja Trader

NinjaTrader is currently one of the most popular Forex solutions in North America. Its benefits include hundreds of pre-configured trading indicators, highly convenient drawing tools, a unique Forex market scanner, and fully-configurable alerts for all sorts of purposes. You can also fully customize the interface to match it with your professional trading style and improve focus on the most meaningful indicators.

Choose Your Weapon!

Even though you can test all the listed trading platforms one by one, we recommend doing thorough initial research to narrow down your selection as much as possible. Once you choose a platform that meets your requirements, focus on mastering all its features to gain a sufficient level of fluency and implement your trading strategies efficiently.