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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor for Restoration and Repair

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By Kaleem Ullah

Licensing, Insurance and Specialty Products

Choosing a roofing contractor can be a big decision in the care and protection of your home. Making the wrong choice can lead to costly repairs in the future and can result in damages both to the outside of your home and the interior. Considerations that should be made include licences and insurance, the cost for the same products between contractors, warranty and repair, and reasonable costs.

All contractors must be trained, certified, licensed, and carry insurance. Licencing bodies ensure that all owners and employees are properly trained in both the completion of the work as well as the safety of workers and their work. This can remove some of the responsibility from the homeowner for doing background checks and more in depth research into their health and safety practices, as well as ensure that the homeowner will not be left liable for concerns completed by unlicensed companies. 

For example, each roofer in Gold Coast will also carry insurance for their employees as well as their finished work. This protects the workers from injury but also protects the homeowner from liability if a worker is injured while working on the roof. This insurance also covers any damages to the property or the building that occur during the job or by the contractor and his employees. 

Roofing Experience and Customer Testimonials

Those who can not show proof of licenses or insurance are not fully qualified for the work. A properly certified and licensed contractor will also be well aware of and able to ensure all necessary permits are available. Without these, fines can be issued for work completed without a permit, and an unqualified contractor may not be held responsible for those fines, leaving them to the homeowner. 

High-pressure sales and those who are in town only because a weather event or storm has occurred may not be prepared to operate in your city and can leave you with expensive and unnecessary repairs, be unavailable for future repairs or warranty work, and may not be following all local regulations. 

Equal Products for Quotes

Comparing quotes and contractors is an important part of choosing the right company for your task. Each will offer what they feel is the best material for the job, the right time frame, and any extras that they think should be included. When comparing quotes, it is vital to ensure that the roofing materials are the same for each offer and that the warranty and follow-up work is also comparable or is reasonable for the cost they quoted. The cheapest quote is often not the best, as it frequently means cheaper materials that will not last as long or other corners being cut. 

Warranty and Repair

Offering warranty work and repairs for a certain number of years may be included within the quotes or be placed upon the roofing materials directly. It is important to consider these additions before selecting the company to complete your roofing job to ensure that you will have the support needed for your roof in the future.