Top 10 Women fashion trends and how to wear them

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Top 10 Women fashion trends and how to wear them

As a woman, it has always been hard to be satisfied with your wardrobe. Whenever we need to go for a formal event or even a casual gathering, we spend hours sorting out attires from our wardrobe, while thinking that we have nothing to wear. As fashion trends are in continuous evolution, there have been several amendments in the trending attires which makes us wonder to redo our wardrobe. Women fashion trends have always been highlighted through various ramp shows and exhibitions, which makes us aware of the trending style and accessories. If you have been wondering the same, that you have no trending attires, then this is what you must give a read. We are here with 10 women fashion trends, which will make you fall in love with them. Along with these trends, we will guide you in wearing them with style. Have a look:

1. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are at the top of the women’s fashion trends list, which has been worn by several style-savvy actresses and celebrities lately. The combination of bike shorts with classy blazers has been all that people are talking about. To check out an amazing collection of leather blazers, you can check out Michael Jackson Costume. The blend of sportswear and tailoring has been striking an emerging change in the fashion industry. This outfit is perfect to be geared for a casual gathering or maybe a Sunday brunch. Flaunt in this casual look on the streets, and carry a gorgeous look for the day.

2.  Animal Instincts

The wild and vibrant prints with animal instincts have been one of the most adored yet demanded trends in the fashion industry. Leopard print outfits are what people have always loved to be geared in. the fashionistas and models have carried this classy print of apparel with a bold attitude. Whether it be pants, coats, or accessories – animal instincts have been creating a positive and bold vibe in the fashion industry. You can get yourself a leopard print jumpsuit or a midi dress, and match it along with black boots and a leopard print bag if you want to carry a bold look.

3. Boiler Suits

As boiler suits have been initially introduced as one-piece clothing for manual labor, it has now emerged to gain popularity in the fashion industry. Women fashion trends have been taken to one next level, with the rise of boiler suits being made functional. The long-sleeved boiler suits with a perfect cut and stitch pattern are all you need to own. You can pick the color which suits you the best, and match it along with block heels, sneakers or sandals.

4. Lavender Tones

The lavender family has been spreading away from the vibrant and supple shades in the fashion industry, marking a tremendous hit in women’s fashion trends. Shades of purple have proved to style you up with a classy yet elegant look. Go for lavender toned midi dresses, coats or long dresses – match them along with the shade of light purple boots and maybe a bag.

5. Puff Shoulders

The puff shouldered dresses have been marked as a minimal trend among women fashion trends. The oversized silhouettes and bold ruffles have created a classy look with puffy shoulders. The blouses and dresses with these classic puffy shoulders have been recreated from the 80s twist of fashion. Ensure to carry a subtle outfit with the oversized and puff shoulders, so that you do not look like coming onto so much.

6. Neo-Gothic

 If black has been your favorite color, then this is one of the women fashion trends that you have been looking out for. Grab onto a black outfit, maybe a two paired attire. You can go for a black suit, with a black bag and boots. Put on dark red lip color and create a chic and trendy look that has been awaiting you.

7. Colored Tartan

Tartan has been one of the trending fashion styles that have been seen on the ramps and even on the streets lately. The traditional print was worn with a vibrant and bold look. The eye-catching colors of the tartan suit have been warming up enough to embrace a classy look. Choose bold colors such as black or red, and pick up your style, maybe a tartan Harley Quinn jacket or a suit.

8. Bucket Hats

The good news is, bucket hats are back! The trending 90s accessory, bucket hats have made their way in the list of women fashion trends. Get the chic look along with protection from the sun. These hats are just perfect to be grabbed for picnics or weekend outings. Go for a plain, printed or a patterned bucket hat – each one has an attractive look.

9. Patchwork

As old and clingy patchwork used to sound, well, you would be amazed to know that its back with a massive hit and demand. It is one of the most popular and demanding women fashion trends today. The creative colors with the cherishing look of sews and contrasting pieces attached altogether – has been a blend of beauty and elegance. Match along with your patchwork attire with block printed footwear and accessories.

10. Shrunken Bags

As crazy and overwhelming the fashion industry has been, shrunken bags have surely gained popularity lately. The shrunken bag doesn’t allow you to fit in more than a lipstick or your phone – thus, it is just an accessory that contributes to embracing the charming look of your personality. Match this cool shrunken bag with your midi dress, leather jacket or maybe a jumpsuit. Wear high heels or sneakers and let this gorgeous piece of beauty, embrace the look you carry.

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Gran onto the outfit that makes you feel potent and satisfied. Let these women fashion trends highlight your charming personality in being well-dressed, with some gorgeous yet satisfying apparel. We wish that you never run of style!

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