To enter Pakistan, it is mandatory to complete the Health Declaration Form

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To enter Pakistan, it is mandatory to complete the Health Declaration Form

According to the details, the Health Ministry has issued a directive that all travelers entering Pakistan will have to submit a health declaration form, which will include contact details and brief travel history.

According to News, the crew will distribute health declaration forms to all passengers, in this regard, all the airlines have been provided the aforementioned forms.

Regardless of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it is mandatory to register the information in the declaration form and hand it over to the health staff in the lounge, otherwise, entry and immigration will not be allowed in other Pakistan.

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The Declaration Form requires names, passport numbers, and addresses, accommodation in various countries and details of the passenger’s health. This form is designed for the convenience of the people. The form must tell passengers that they have not been to China and the cities of Wuhan, Africa, and South America in the last 14 days, the traveler does not suffer from fever, cough or shortness of breath.

It is understood that the Coronavirus screening arrangements have already been made at all the airports in the country, and all travelers are being checked in this regard, focal personnel has also been deployed at 7 international airports in Pakistan. ۔