A Complete Guide on How a Man Should Dress Up This Valentine’s Day

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Before its arrival, Valentine’s Day always makes people across the globe get into a frenzy. Valentine’s Day flower delivery services and gift shops all over the world are flocked by couples from all corners. While picking gifts and planning a perfect day seems like an uphill task, selecting outfits can be a nightmare of its own. If it’s difficult for women to settle for a dress, it’s all the more difficult for men to dress up aptly for the occasion.

Most of the men have been there- securing the reservation at a fancy restaurant, order flower delivery in Gurgaon or whatever city you are in, bought the perfect Valentine’s gift and you are all set to impress your partner. But wait, what are you planning to wear? Most men leave this confusion to the eleventh hour and we all know how chaotic last-minute plans can get. Your dressing style can make and break all the efforts you have put into making the day memorable for your beloved. Well, don’t worry. Here is a guide that will take you through what to wear for different types of dates on Valentine’s Day. Get your clothes all sorted with these simple tips:

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  • For Dinner Dates
    A lot of men make the mistake of dressing up for a dinner the way they’d dress up for a job interview. Be a little relaxed and loosen it up. Go for a double-breasted jacket or experiment with complementary shades or subtle patterns. Instead of wearing the basic shirt, go for a crew neck or a roll neck under your jacket. To keep up with the elegance, pair your attire with Chelsea or Derbies boots. If you have your reservations in an upmarket eatery, adding a well-folded pocket square would be great.
  • For Casual Dates
    If you don’t have grand plans for Valentine’s Day and are just looking for a quick coffee and then spending the evening at home with your partner, you need to dress appropriately for that as well! Yes, there is no escape. Dressing up casually is quite For retain the sense of the holiday, go for that smart-casual look which is all the rage these days. For the bottoms, you can go for flannel trousers, selvage denim, or moleskin chinos- anything from the winter-weight fabric lot. Keep it simple on the top and wear a crisp, plaid shirt. To combat the chills, wear a knitted sweater. Complete the stylish and casual look with brown smart boots. Carry an overcoat if you are planning to hit the club. For that romantic touch, don’t forget to buy flowers for your date.

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  • For the Rock ‘n’ Rock Date
    If you love the clubbing and are planning to dance the day out, the dress code would be a tad different for you. As you will be sweating throughout the night in packed bars and crowded dance floors, you do not layer up on woolens.
    For pubs, you need to dress up for making an impact and to be noticed. Begin with picking up a patterned, hipster shirt and pair it up with dark-colored slim jeans. Don’t forget to throw in a suede jacket and fancy loafers to add to your sexy attire. The key here is to keep your palette dark.
  • For Day Dates
    Day dates are generally a little unconventional from the usual sit-down and eat kind of outings. If you are planning to explore the city with your partner, you need to dress up accordingly as you’d need your clothes to regulate the temperature. Whether you are going for a sight-seeing near a lake or visiting a museum, be prepared for all sorts of weather. Februaries often have unpredictable climatic conditions. So, carry your trench coat or an unlined park and wear your slim chinos and crew neck T-shirt for a simple look. You can even for indigo or navy blue jeans. Since you’d be doing a lot of walking, wear footwear that is comfortable and sturdy. Trainers and boots are good options. While you are at it, don’t forget to carry the classic Valentines’ Day roses since the day is incomplete without you giving your partner a bouquet of fresh blossoms.

These were the ways in which every man can dress up smartly for all kinds of Valentine’s Day dates. While you are prepping up for the occasion- buying gifts and ordering online flower delivery in Delhi, you need to make sure you look the best as it would reflect how much effort you have put in to make the day memorable.