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What are titanium Rings

No, we aren’t going to talk about the Sia song ‘Titanium’. We are going to talk about the latest fashion rings for men. Like Leather Jackets are so much popular in today’s world, titanium rings are the new sensation that is making the market go on fire. But what titanium is actually? Well, titanium is a kind of a metallic material that is used to make rings and some other stuff. Its qualities for which it’s been well known are that it’s very solid and durable. These rings are the trending ones which are now being used in almost each and every wedding. Both women and men are seen wearing these rings. So as you could guess earlier, today’s article is all about ‘Titanium Rings’.


Types of Titanium Rings

As said earlier, the original titanium is quite well known over the fact that it’s solid and durable. But since we humans always have to complicate things, people have started to mix other metals with titanium. Well, it’s justified too as in reality titanium costs an arm and a leg so it isn’t in everyone’s reach to get such an expensive present for his wife or her husband. So shopkeepers have started to mix platinum with many other types of metals to cut off the price and make it affordable for all the people. So we can divide the titanium rings into 2 categories.

1- One which’s made from pure titanium meaning that it’s extremely durable but also high in price.

2- One which’s made from mixed platinum and other metals. It’s isn’t as much durable as the one which’s made from pure titanium but it’s quite low in price when compared with a pure titanium one.

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Transformation of the color of the titanium ring

The color of the wedding titanium ring isn’t originally black. Instead, it has to go through various heat processes in order to transform its color into black. Although the black titanium ring is the best option for wedding rings as it’s stylish and attractive but the transformation does affect the quality of the ring. You can also get it customized just as you can get Movie Jackets which are based on your favorite movies.

Without proper maintenance, the color of the ring can fade away eventually so you should get it done by a professional who would check the ring frequently so that it can last longer and you get the best of your money spent. Stand out from the crowd and opt for a black titanium ring, you’ll get it highly polished and smoothest ever with the finest quality.


PERKS for Buying Titanium rINGS

There are numerous advantages to buying titanium wedding rings.

  • Its lightweight making it easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Titanium rings will not rust or corrode, the water won’t affect the ring and its lifetime guaranteed is assured.
  • Unlike gold silver, titanium rings would not require any recoating, it would have the same shininess for ages.
  • They can be colored into wide ranges of colors.
  • They are affordable.
  • Titanium metal does not conduct heat instead it’s a bad conductor of heat and electricity so that means even if it remains in hot condition for a long time still it won’t get warmed up like other rings.
  • If you buy the pure titanium ring and Top Gun Maverick Jacket then it is assumed that the ring is solid and durable which means it would last for a lifetime and wouldn’t make you go for some other type of ring.

Well which kind of metal you want to decide for your wedding ring purely depends on you, your personal preferences, your moments:

Forgiving the best ring to the love of your life.

For celebrating the love of your marriage and your relationship that strengthens every year.

Spoiling yourself with a titanium black ring from the money you earned for working hard.

We got you the perfect ring for any best moment of your life to make it more magical. We have a beautiful collection of Titanium rings in the best quality and competitive prices. Do check out our collection now!



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