Which one is the toughest part of PTE Academic?

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The majority of the people are stressed out when it comes to taking a test. The thought of sitting in a test center with other test-takers sometimes builds up more pressure. But you need to face it and stand up against it. There are several tough parts about the PTE exam but if you can handle them well then you can easily manage to deal with it. So besides Pte academic preparation, you should work on facing the toughest parts.

PTE Academic

Well, let us give you a brief about the things that are tough about the PTE exam.

1: Being worried because it is an exam

Well, you really need to let it all out! Learning a language is hard but you need to go easy on yourself. If you constantly keep worrying about it then you are making yourself incapable of performing well. Rather than wasting your time worrying, you should utilize that time on practicing and improving your vocabulary. You should take up grammar and vocabulary exercises to improve your grammar usage and your increase your vocabulary base. Make a habit of reading books and articles as that will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary base.

Start talking to your friends and family in English so they can correct you whenever you make a mistake. Stop worrying about how you will sound and how stupid you would look if you say something wrong. Instead, you should always look for opportunities to improve. You should watch English movies and TV shows and listen to podcasts as they will help you to improve your English. You should do a thorough PTE academic preparation to get a good score on the PTE exam.

2: Stage of fear

PTE is a computer-based examination that is taken at a test center. Though you will get your own device and you will be talking to a computer, it can be a lot of pressure to do the speaking section with other people sitting around you. But you need to tackle this part. You should remember that all of you are sailing in the same boat and no one has the time to look at you while you are speaking your responses. Remember, you are not being judged by the people. You have to prove to the computer that you are good in English. Just ignore the test-takers around you and pretend as if you know it all.

You should do your PTE academic preparation in a public place and attempt your speaking section sitting at a place where there are people around you. Just focus on your goal of achieving a good score on the   This will help you to improve your confidence and soon you will start ignoring the people around you. Soon the fear of performing sitting amongst them will start disappearing.

3:  Time management

On the PTE exam, either the entire section or the individual tasks have a specific time allotted to them. So, the PTE exam makes you work in the timeline. You will have a clock on your head that is ticking and you have to make sure you tackle the question before the timer hits the end. This will constantly put you under pressure. So, you should do PTE academic preparation using a timer. This will teach you how to manage your time efficiently. There is no need for you to rush at writing or speaking your responses but you should take enough time before you start answering them. Just make sure that you do not run out of time.

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It is very easy to lose your focus with just one thought crossing by your mind. In such a scenario you should find ways to bring your focus back. One of the techniques is to pinch your palm. It will help to bring your focus back. Try this out and see if that works for you. If you get stuck on a question then do not spend too much time on it. You should just move ahead or you will not be able to attempt the rest of the questions.

4: Staying Calm

Well, this is the toughest. It is very hard to calm yourself down when you come across something that you do not know like a new word that you have never heard before or a question you do not know the answer to. In such a scenario, you will start to panic and worry about losing points. This will lead to messing up the remaining exam. If you face a scenario where you do not know something then you need to keep yourself together. Do not panic or start worrying about getting a low score as you still have the chance to get a good score by tackling the rest of the questions with a calm mind.

If you are solving the listening module and you somehow were not able to listen to a part of the audio then do not get anxious. But let it go and move ahead with the audio. At all times you should be along with the audio or you will end up missing more important things. Always remember audio is only played one and if you blew your chance at hearing it properly then you will not be able to answer the questions. You should practice controlling your anxiety during the PTE academic preparation. This will prepare you to stay calm during your PTE exam.