Tips for Doing a Complete Brand Makeover

Nobody likes to be stuck in a rut for a long time. Sure, the comfort zone feels nice for a while, however, it should not last long, especially in business. As soon as smooth sailing is smooth for a while, that also means there is no progress, and one should always strive towards going forward. This is why you need to take action as soon as you identify this state in the case of your own SMB. These things should be nipped in the bus and we know just the way to do it.

Find new target audience

One of the main ingredients for stirring up your business is to change your target group. It can be changed in terms of expansion or compression. Although, it could also be a radical change that does not include any percentage of the previous target. At the first glance, it seems like expanding is the way to go as there is nothing to lose, only to gain. However, this is not always true. Some businesses have a too broad audience to begin with, and their business would be thriving if they narrowed down their audience and focus on the right subset that would appreciate the commitment and effort. On the other hand, if your business seems to be hitting a dead end, a complete change of course may not be a bad idea, after all. Nevertheless, the choice is up to you. Unfortunately, there is no universal right answer. Each business is different and every entrepreneur needs to make this decision based on the knowledge they have about their own situation. 

Change your whole appearance

Rebranding is something that needs to be done once your target audience is changed. These two happen sequentially and the first cannot exist without the latter. First of all, the probability that your newly discovered target audience will fit into your existing brand is quite low, while it is really high when it comes to the probability of your business becoming more lucrative. Basically, everyone likes attention and so will your new and old customers. Rebranding to fit your new potential users and philosophy is simply a must when trying to break the chains of dull mundanity. This is hard and long work, however, it brings results, too. Keep in mind that you need to think of a new design for your website and all your social media accounts. Any marketing strategy that is in place also needs to be changed, at least design-wise. It is a lot of work, so get to it ASAP.

Write your story

Along with the previous two points of action goes this one, as well. Changing your business superficially can only get you so far, in order to get the full effect of your efforts, you will also need to change the content of your digital presence. Firstly, you must think of an inspirational story about the events that lead you towards the decision to rebrand. This may be the toughest task of all, but it is also the most important one. People love things that have meaning. Simply liking your new design will not be as amazing as relating to a heartfelt motivational story about a life-changing event that inspired you to make all these changes in the way you do business. It can be related to a good cause such as some kind of green initiative or a charity or it can be something entirely different. The important thing is to make it relatable to your target audience. Once you get that main idea, the rest of the work will come to you easily. You should add this story as a special highlight on all your social networks, as well as the homepage of your website. It is the punchline of this whole project.

Be more proficient in social media

Regardless of the way you feel about your own social media skills, it is always smart to invest in learning more. Take a few courses in using social media and try to focus on the more advanced features of each network. They have very powerful analytics tools incorporated and can be very useful to someone that knows how to use them. Workshops, seminars and courses are great for improvement. Ask around and try to find high quality training to advance your social media skills when it comes to your business. At this point, we are assuming you are familiar with all the best times and frequency to post on each network and that you already perfected your social networks maintenance. If not, there is no shame in that, simply start from a more basic course and work your way up. Even if you have a long way to go, learning about social media is a must if you want to see your business make progress. 

Use plain design and white spaces

Another important factor in changing your identity is the way you express yourself. If you think of your business as a person, it should have a pleasant exterior, brains and a soul and a lure to a specific group of people. Of course, all this would be worthless if this person would communicate in an appalling way. Perhaps it would have absolutely no sense of humor and talk in a monotonous boring tone. The point of this metaphor is that your digital presence needs to be introduced properly. This is why you should keep things simple. Your presentation should be short and to the point. Use plenty of paragraphs and white spaces in between. You want your texts to be clear and decisive. This will take your potential users and make them actual ones. 

All in all, everything must be taken into account in order for your makeover to succeed. Try to think of the tiniest details and tend to them. Ask people for feedback, then do more to improve. If you put your heart and soul into this project, people will surely appreciate it.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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