How to Create a Youtube Logo Using Designhill Logo Maker?

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By Kaleem Ullah

A youtube channel is mainly about videos and the content you share. But the first time that your audience will open your channel will be on the basis of your logo icon. If your logo icon looks interesting enough, people might readily click and reach your channel to watch your amazing content. You can create amazing and spectacular logos with Designhill logo maker tool. Still, you need to know the process of logo design to make it perfect.

So, here Desinghill has mentioned how to create a youtube logo using designhill logo maker for you-


1.  Choose the Right Logo Shape

When designing a logo for your business, it is important to consider the shape of your logo design. There are various shapes that you can pick from.


Circular, ovoid-shaped logos– The logos that have round shapes without any hard edges such as circles, ovals, or ellipsis fall into this category. This logo shape represents ideas of cyclic movement, timelessness, infinity, wholeness, and eternity. These logos are soft, gentle, and perfect for brands that communicate a holistic approach.


Organic-shaped logos– These logos have organic shapes that cannot be defined by traditional shape measures. For instance, flowers, butterflies, animals, etc. Such shapes are a symbol of a friendly and cozy feeling. This is ideal for businesses that associate with nature.


Spirals– A spiral is a symbol that has a flowing or hypnotizing effect. Such shapes are associated with the development, evolution, and growth of spirit.


Triangles and Square Logos– These logos have sharp edges that can support the impression of being edgy, intelligent, powerful, and stable. The corners of shapes are a symbol of precision and accuracy in business. It makes you look top-class, professional, and trustable.


Logo with vertical lines- These lines stimulate height, and strength, and create a powerful-looking image. Such logos create an attention-grabbing image.

2.  Select a Logo Type

Next, the type of logos is also an important thing to focus on while creating a logo. On the basis of your niche and industry, logotype can vary. You can either choose an icon, an image, a full emblem, etc.


A well-designed logo strategy involves 2 or 3 versions of logos that can be used in different ways on different platforms. Most people go with combination marks in the starting as they help in creating an identity. A combination mark can be easily separated into wordmark, icon, lettermark, and pictorial mark.


Also, you can use the design size guide from the logo maker to create different logo versions.


Here are some types of logos that you can choose from while designing your YouTube logo-


Lettermark logo- These logos are monogram logos. This one is made up of abbreviated letters of a long name which might be hard to remember. For instance, popular lettermark logos are H&M, NASA, etc.


Wordmark Logo- These logos are made of the business name only. The word is the logo. The major attraction of such kinds of logos is font and color choice.


Combination Mark logos- The combination mark is the combination of a word and a visual. The imagery can be an abstract mark, icon pictorial mark, or mascot.


Abstract Mark logos- An abstract mark is a visual that is not recognized as something specific instantly. These are geometric forms that are created especially for your brand.


Pictorial mark logos- A pictorial mark is a shape or icon that is already famously known and recognizable.


Emblem logos- These logos are complicated logos. It contains words, images, and shapes that unify it all like a badge. These logos are great for institutions like schools, colleges, etc.

3.  Select a Logo Icon

People like engaging with brands and businesses that have an identity or status. Also, the brands with different and unique characteristics look more appreciable to the target audience. So, you must show your business as something different and highly valued. A lot of people believe that a custom logo design is an excellent tool to evoke associations with the industry in which you are involved.


If your channel is already posting content, you can get an idea of what an image of your YouTube logo will look like. However, if you are starting new, keep your niche in mind. Choose an icon that relates to your niche and it will be one of the major elements of your logo design. When creating a logo using an online logo maker, you will come across a huge variety of gorgeous icons you can choose from.

4.  Pick the Right Font

Logo fonts carry emotions that can easily depict through your Youtube logo. Your brand needs a design guide that contains different elements like color palettes, fonts, etc for consistent branding. If you are just starting out, choose the font carefully as you will use it for various branding materials in the future. Your packaging design, label design, etc will have the same or complementary font style.


These are a few common font types that are popularly used in graphic design.


Serif fonts- These fonts have letters with little extensions at the ends. They create an elegant and classy look. Such fonts can create a feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral vibe with minimal changes.


Sans-serif fonts- This is the opposite of the one mentioned earlier. These letters do not have extensions. Such fonts are easy to read and perfect fun and easy-going brands.


Script fonts- Scrip fonts are calligraphy and handwritten fonts that have connecting letters. These are combined sans serif or serif for a combined logo type.

5.  Understand the Meaning Behind Logo Colors

The colors used in the logo designs are chosen carefully and are not a result of the likes or dislikes of the designer. Color target emotions in human minds and connect with the audience. You can think of the emotions that your brand focuses to target and then use colors that get the job done.


There is the psychology of color that works behind every color choice in the logo designing process. For example, the red color is noticeable and is a symbol of passion, power, and even danger. While blue is a calming color that shows a sense of trust and professionalism.

6.  How to Create Youtube Logo with Designhill

It becomes so easy to create a logo when you can use graphic design tools and cool features and create logos in minutes. Follow these steps to create your own logo with Designhill logo maker.


  1. Enter the name of your company or youtube channel name. The logo design for your channel will be based on this name.
  2. Next, the logo maker will ask about the industry and the mission of your brand. You can provide this additional information to create a unique logo design.
  3. Further, pick any color for your logo on basis of color psychology discussed earlier.
  4. You can pick up to 5 logo styles and create a logo of a similar style.
  5. You can also pick 5 icons for your own YouTube logo from the Designhill library.
  6. At last, press generates button and hundreds of logos will appear in a few seconds. You can pick a template you like and customize it as you want for free.



Creating a logo for your youtube channel has become much easier and faster with the Desinghill logo maker. Also, it takes care of various branding materials with tools like business card makers, flyer makers, etc.