Things To Consider When Buying The Best Inflatable kayaks

Are you looking for the best inflatable kayaks to buy, and you don’t know what to consider? Then look no further; this article is for you. 

In this guide, we will be taking you through different types of Inflatable kayaks. Also, we will discuss some factors to consider when purchasing these extendable small crafts.

Before considering buying them, you should know how to ride one. Let us say you don’t; you can easily ask a friend that knows how to or take lessons from a professional. You can also quickly pick up one or two guides online from videos and reviews.

Let’s jump straight into this.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Inflatable kayaks

Styles to look out for

These boats come in different types and designs. So when choosing your best inflatable kayaks, you need to know the style you want. They are:

  • Sit-on-top Style: If you tend to panic in tight spaces, this model might be for you. These kayaks are open-designed, and they allow water to splash on you quickly.
  • Sit inside design: These models come with an enclosed cockpit. They keep the water from entering the boat and expel more wind and water. They’re the most common ones.
  • Canoe-styled: This model features an open design with higher walls and seats.
  • Standup paddle styles: These crafts are new in the market. Riding these boats will require you to stand. They are used for surfing, racing, fishing, and recreational paddling.

Other designs to consider when buying the best inflatable kayaks are self-bailing designs and open styles.

Factors To consider

  1. Materials used: The primary materials for constructing the best inflatable kayaks are PVC, Hypalon, and Nitrylon. PVC-made models are not as durable as Hypalon, but they are cheap. Hypalons are expensive, but they are used to make boats of high durability.

Nitrylon-made boats are new to the market, and they serve as an alternative to PVC. You might want these because they are eco-friendly, but they are relatively high.

  1. Weight of the boat: If you are touring and plan to carry them around, you should consider the weight. Light duty ones are made from more lightweight materials but are less resistant to punctures. 

You might want to consider them because they are easier to carry than the Heavy-duty ones.

  1. Portability: The best inflatable kayaks out there are very portable and can easily be carried in a backpack. When buying yours, look out for the less compact ones still of high quality.
  2. The number of seats: These boats come in single, double, or triple seats. If you think of going kayaking with a partner, you should consider the ones that contain more.
  3. Easy To clean: Your best inflatable kayaks are maintained for longer when they are adequately taken care of.

Clean your craft after every use and make sure it is properly dried before packing it up. Also, ensure that you keep it away from sunlight, especially if it is made of PVC.


If you consider these factors, you should be purchasing one of the best inflatable kayaks. We hope we were able to guide you.

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