Top 4 Social Media Trends To Double-Click For Your Business

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By Kaleem Ullah

A few decades ago, no one could not predict the comeback of QR codes or the skyrocketing rise of TikTok users. In 2021, reports revealed that TikTok would become downloadable on iOS and Android. Another prediction shows that Facebook and Instagram rank behind the TikTok app. For instance, if you are a business marketer, it’s best to watch a viral video using social media trends. You can also use these social media trends on your business profile. For instance, if you have a TikTok business profile, try these social media trends to elevate your profile engagement by the right option to buy tiktok likes that help expand your potential followers.

We have listed the list of social media trends to double click for your business growth in 2022.

Let us start right now!

1. Brands Spend More On Social Marketing

Social commerce refers to buying and selling products straight from social media platforms. Every popular social media business user spends their time on social commerce, where it continues to go further.

Fun Fact: Based on research, 73% of businesses are already using social commerce, whereas the prediction has 79% to try it during the next three years. Indeed, the popular brands made a collaboration with Facebook and Shopify Shops. In this way, brands can add tag products from the social media store without having the chance to leave the business brands.

The prediction about social commerce states that social marketing will continue to grow within the next few years. In 2022, social marketing will target 97.2 million social commerce customers in the US alone, which is 38.2% of internet users.

Fun Fact: The prediction says that 80% of audiences surveyed social commerce to buy from social media as it offers brand awareness. It’s a huge percentage of buyers to focus on right now.

From these facts about social commerce, you can try social business by looking at how consumers find your products.

2. TikTok Resumes To Grow

In 2022, the TikTok app will not have the same growth as it was earlier in 2020; hence, it doesn’t mean that TikTok is slowing down right now. Can you guess why? It’s because TikTok reached one billion monthly active users in September 2021. The primary reason behind TikTok’s growth is because of its advertising features, which make it best for brands and businesses to create an online presence. Further, if you are looking to build your TikTok profile’s organic engagement, try to use Trollishly, which helps in boosting your video likes and views.

Below, there are different TikTok stats to try before you start with TikTok:

  • 60% of the US teens are on TikTok.
  • 90% of the users log into the platform every day.
  • TikTok users spend a standard of 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • The best fact about TikTok and social media trends is that 47% of users have bought something from TikTok. Next, 67% of TikTok users accept that they are curious to Shop after looking at the TikTok app.

From the growth and usage, it will be better to look at TikTok, mainly if they offer a younger audience.

3. Livestream Shopping Builds eCommerce

An eCommerce trend is becoming popular through live streaming shopping on social media platforms. Yet, the pandemic fuels business growth. For instance, Livestream shopping was popular in China, where the (GMV) for live shopping eCommerce increased at a higher rate. In China, the GMV from 4.5% of the total online shopping in 2017 became 20.3% in 2022.

Fun Fact: The reports say that live eCommerce sales will triple before 2024 by reaching 35$ billion in the US.

Live streaming shopping is a grabbing feature to its consumers as it connects as a personalized space for the person who live-streams with the ease to shop from anywhere. A recent report reveals that 35.6% of live streams were in the apparel and fashion industry.

4. Reliability Serves As A Key Part Of Purchasing Decision

Reliability and climate change are becoming big influencers while making purchasing decisions that impact social commerce. Often led by Gen followers, a recent study shows that 28% of Gen Z adults connect with climatic changes, reflecting their demographics towards brands. In addition, 89% of internet users trust that brands must do more to reduce their carbon copy. Next, 88% of users trust reliability should be a standard business method.

Now, curious yet doubtful consumers look for transparency where brands inspiring with their brand message should focus on reliability. But, unfortunately, when not done right, you need to find that consumers quickly find corporate greenwashing, which takes to upcoming social trends.

Finally! Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Method

The start of 2022 offers vast benefits for social media marketers. Also, when looking back to the previous year’s marketing strategies, it is best to try out the latest social media trends. Sometimes, marketers can’t predict the following viral challenges on TikTok. Yet it ensures to take up the social media platforms for marketing your business. Along with that, you can start to grow your profile by Trollishly which helps in boosting your profile traffic. But, do you know what social media trends do businesses follow? Of course, every brand on social media is working on Livestream shopping, audio content, and advertising. So, take this opportunity to update yourself on social media marketing trends.