the good and bad of online recharge

Ever since online recharges and payments have been made accessible for the common man in India, more and more people have started to use the virtual medium for seamless and comfortable payments. However, just like everything else, this medium has pros and cons, especially regarding payments. Let’s have a look at it!

What is so good about online recharge?

Anybody can answer this question as this medium makes life easy and comfortable. For example, suppose you are the user of a Jio prepaid card. You can use Jio’s website, app, or a payment app for instant Jio online recharge. No waiting, no queuing, no sweat or toil.  The online medium is accessible 24×7, 365 days a year with no hassle of holidays. It is so easy that the moment you remember a recharge is pending, you can immediately open a UPI app to pay using your preferred mode of payment instantly.. For everyone, the facility of online recharge has been a big-time saver, which directly impacts his energy levels.

Additional benefits that customers stand to gain on the way are innumerable like:

  • The moment your recharge is completed successfully, you get instant confirmation.
  • Whenever you are due for a recharge or a bill payment, you get a message notification or an alert through the app.
  • You are flooded with offers like discount vouchers, cashback and more.

All in all, you are in a win-win situation when choosing to pay online.

But does it mean that the virtual medium is completely flawless and has no shortcomings at all? Does it mean that online or digital payment methods are above all kinds of maladies?

What is not-so-good about online recharge?

There are shortcomings of this medium too. But, the best part is that if customers and users are cautious and take care, these disorders can be easily dealt with, and they can enjoy the true fun of the virtual medium. The biggest con of the virtual medium is that even though your financial details are electronically stored and therefore appear to be safe, the details can be accessed by an unauthorized person if you are not careful.

Let’s explore a few cases:

  • If you do not have the habit of using a strong password for the payment app, a virtual trespasser can easily guess your password and access your details without your knowledge.
  • If you download any payment app because it promises good discounts and deals, you could be in trouble. First and foremost, you need to thoroughly verify the reputation and the credibility of the app before downloading and using it.
  • Using the app in public is a big mistake and could result in a disaster. Ensure that you always use the app for payments in private and in a safe place.
  • Using a public Wi-Fi network to make payments! It is another costly mistake that could land you in serious trouble. The best thing to do is to avoid public networks for any online payment. Only trust your mobile data or a private secured network like your office or home Wi-Fi.
  • Filling in your credit card or debit card details in front of others. The best is to use the digital wallet that the service provider electronically secures.

Use digital means to make online payments smartly and save on your time and efforts. But, always be careful about your personal data. Hence, choose a trusted & secure app for your payments.

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