My Netgear WiFi Router is Not Working. How Do I Fix It?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Is your Netgear Nighthawk router not working? Oops! That’s not a good news. But, fret not! Whatever issue you are facing with your home router, the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps will help you resolve it. So, continue reading.

(Solved) Netgear WiFi Router Not Working

  1. Restart Your Netgear Router

This is the most basic thing that users prefer doing whenever their router stops working. Perhaps, you should restart your device too. Chances are that your Netgear Nighthawk router is refusing to work properly because of a technical glitch. And restarting your router will help you get rid of that glitch. Thus, waste no more time giving your WiFi device a restart.

  1. Move the Router Closer to the Modem

Another reason why your router isn’t working properly is because it’s placed far away from the modem. If you want your router to get back on track, then it is recommended that you reduce the distance between your WiFi devices. Also, make sure that they are connected with the help of an Ethernet cable rather than a wireless source. Doing so will eliminate at least one reason why your Netgear router isn’t working.

  1. Avoid WiFi Interference

Walls, corners, electronic devices, transmitting appliances, reflexive surfaces, and other physical devices can obstruct the wireless signal of your Netgear router and impact its performance. Therefore, make sure that you place your WiFi router far away from such devices. Additionally, avoid placing your router near wooden furniture.

  1. Check the Power Supply

Your Netgear WiFi router might also not be working because of an improper power supply. Think about it – if the first step on the ladder is wobbly, will you be able to climb all the way up? Probably not. Thus, make sure that your device is getting an adequate power supply. In case your wall socket is damaged, plug your router into a different outlet.

  1. Update the Firmware of the Router

If the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router is outdated, you could easily run into router-related issues. So, access the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard, go to Settings, select Administration, and click on the Firmware Update button.

Note: Another way through which you can update the firmware of your home router is by performing Netgear Genie download.

  1. Perform Factory Default Reset

If none of the aforementioned steps helped you fix the Netgear router not working issue, then it is advised that you perform factory default reset. Restoring your WiFi device to the factory default mode will fix any issue that you’re facing with your router.

Here are the step-by-step guidelines you should follow to reset your Netgear WiFi device:

  • Connect your Netgear router and the modem with a cable.

  • Power on your laptop or PC (whatever you prefer using).

  • Launch a web browser on your system.

  • Access the setup wizard.

  • Go to Advanced and click on the Erase option.

  • Then, select ‘Restore to factory default settings’.

  • A dialogue box will appear asking for your confirmation.

  • Click on the Yes option to save your changes.

In a minute or two, yours Netgear Nighthawk router will get restored to the factory default mode.

Summing Up

After going through the aforementioned steps, check whether your router is working or not. What happened? Is your WiFi device still refusing to work properly despite all the efforts that you’ve made? Well, looks like your router is damaged. Thus, either get the old router fixed or bring a new one home.

Note: In case you want your Netgear WiFi router isn’t giving you the desired result, then get an extender, and perform Netgear new extender setup.