The best way to popularize your freelancing website in Pakistan

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Are you stuck in a job you don’t really like, under a boss you don’t like, with pay that does not match up to your skill-set? Well, it’s time to get out of that toxic environment and flaunt your skills online for clients who will respect you and if they don’t, you can choose not to work for them. You may be wondering, what type of magic this is, well, it’s not magic, it’s Freelancing. Freelancing is basically taking your skill and providing it directly to a client instead of a company.

This is highly in demand and people search for reliable freelancers over companies that provide overpriced services that are not special or where they cannot get direct contact with the worker taking care of their work. The personal care and dedication that goes into freelance services are what make them so in demand. People like to have some extra effort put into their requirements and corporations are not known to do that.

Freelancers also communicate directly with the client which allows the service to be precise as required which makes it worth it for the client to purchase. Many free-lances target businesses instead of direct clients because they provide services that are more aimed at the corporations themselves. It is known as outsourcing by companies to smaller businesses.

Some of the professionals that are commonly seen in freelancing are content writers, graphic designers, SEO services, website developers, coders, videographers, photographers, journalists, etc. The most important part of being a freelancer is to have a great self-image, if you do not portray yourself well, it can have a negative effect on your business.

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The issue with being the sole person and not a corporation is that your success is heavily based on your own self, you need to have the right representation and the right way of marketing to create some reputation for yourself on many different platforms. The different platforms can be hard to keep track of so you can find what you should popularize yourself on.

If you have a business that caters to everyone, other businesses, people, and sole proprietors, you should register and make an effort on websites like EE Stone. If your business is targeted towards a young demographic, selling clothes and goods for them, you should promote yourself through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. Of course, you could register yourself on EE Stone if your business catered to other clothing companies too.

For freelancers that are working in the IT field, networks like EE Stone can be a sturdy stone in the world of pebbles in the form of freelancing websites in Pakistan. The issue is that you need to learn how to use it and keep it alive by posting regularly. There is a method to every madness, do not just upload random things or post about your breakfast of the day. These posts need to be curated with the use of keywords and targeted tags that can help the search algorithms bring attention to your website.

3 easy ways to increase online popularity:

1: Fake it till you Make it

The best way to gain a good image online is by faking it until you make it. This is extremely immoral and highly true advice. There is nothing you can do about how the public feels, in the world of hashtags and reviews, people see your socials, websites and search engines before they see your actual work and if you are new and don’t have that… You need to fake it before you get any actual customers that can leave you good remarks.

Think about it, you are on the google reviews and have no review but some difficult person just leaves a bad review, what will that reflect on you? Nothing because once people see the rating, they probably won’t even read the review and leave, so faking it till you make it is the best immoral advice you will get.

2: Relate to the Demographic

Who is your demographic? The house husbands/wives, the teens, the working parents, boomers, millennials, I Gen, girls, boys, etc. What is your target? Relate to that demographic. If your demographic is other businesses you can post about how “Rad” you are, you need to sound professional. Whereas if your demographic is females, you need to seem and sound chivalrous as a male and quirky as a female. That’s the selling point in this decade.

3: Business not politics

Remember, you are a public image, you are trying to promote YOURSELF, not a company. There is nothing you can hide behind. So, it’s best not to make any political statement, nor say any controversial thing about anyone.

You may not like some sexist jerk or may not agree with the apolitical statement, however, remember that if you are aiming for corporations, all that exists are sexists and if you are aiming for public and individual clients, they have different views than you.

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It is also extremely important to know that a person or a public figure you support now, can turn out to be horrible later on. Say, you support a political leader now but, in the end, he sells out a part of your country, you can’t really take it back. On the other hand, if you post a picture with some famous figure and it turns out he was a harasser, you may need to set out a public apology and condemn that person for your own public security.

The advice is quite immoral, but welcome to the world of business, you need to be appealing, work matters but not as much as public view of you as a person. If you fail to please your demographic, it is most probably going to go badly. Now, try your own hand at this, don’t get comfortable in your day job, it’s a trap.