Know What Customers Want from Your eCommerce Store

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Know What Customers Want from Your eCommerce Store

With the lightning speed of evolving technological advances over the years, meeting the demands of your customers is becoming increasingly difficult. Due to this reason, more and more business owners are working hard to come up with new and unique ideas that can help in winning customers’ hearts. Today, we have witnessed a huge rise in the number of eCommerce stores to promote their products across the world. As the competition rises, customers are getting choosier and choosier over where they purchase goods. One of the most important concerns is to provide a personalized customer experience on your eCommerce store. However, there are several other factors that customers expect from your online business website. Every web development company should focus on building the eCommerce website with robust capabilities that enable brands to increase sales and online visibility.

Let’s look at some of the top features that customers want from your store-

Fast Load Times

Customers today have no time to wait for the websites that are slow to load. This means if the homepage of your eCommerce website doesn’t load within a few seconds, you may lose the customer to the competitor having a website with faster load times. As your store deals with a high number of product images, ensure that every effort is made from the code level to optimize for fast loading speed.

 Live Chat

Another feature is to have a live chat to interact with your website customers in real-time. The ability to answer their queries instantly helps in clearing the doubts the customer may have regarding the product size, material or color, etc. thereby, reducing the chance of abandonment. Many companies are relying on chatbot development services to build a customized bot for their business that can automatically answer questions at any time.

Cross-Selling & Upselling Approach

One of the best methods to increase the order rate of the customers’ purchases is to use some strategies like cross-selling and upselling. Big brands such as Amazon have reported a 35% increase in revenue with the help of these techniques. Your website’s cookies can help in understanding customer’s browsing history, preferences, mostly searched items, etc. This information can be used in product pages by providing similar item suggestions, visitor’s wish list, highlight most sold products and even suggest items that other users bought. Such product recommendations help in engaging customers and giving it a push to make the purchase successful.

 Intelligent Search

Another important feature that must be present in your eCommerce store is advanced search functionalities. Research says customers that use site search are 2x more likely to make a purchase than other regular visitors. The search system on your website should make it easy for customers to type any keywords related to the products they want by suggesting the end of the words with autocomplete functionality. Using technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI, filters, and more helps in understanding what customer types in the search bar and return only relevant results. This prevents frustrating experiences, making customers get what they want in a few clicks.

 Appealing Images

Having great images is always a plus point for any eCommerce store as it is the best way to display your products and has the capability to attract or convince customers to make a purchase.  Your product image should be well-defined and free from issues such as blurriness, low resolution, etc. Every product store has more than hundreds of images on its website making it difficult to figure out defects in every image. Solutions based on AI computer vision can spot them automatically and send warnings when the image is not fulfilling the set criteria. This not only engages customers visiting the website but also helps in speeding up the website performance.

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 Product Reviews

Another thing that is important for both customers and the retailers is product reviews and ratings. More than 60% of customers are more likely to purchase the products from the website that showcase user reviews than the ones that don’t. Customers can check the reviews shared by previous buyers that help in making their purchase decisions more effectively. Additionally, retailers can monitor whether customers like the product or not. In the case of negative reviews, they can work on improving the quality of the product.

 Secured Payment

Cyber-attacks are becoming very common in the eCommerce industry making it important for business owners to put effort into preserving the debit/credit card information of their customers stored during online payments. Make sure that your website is built with advanced security features like SSL authentication, avoid storing confidential data like CVV number or card details, etc.

 Closing Statement

I hope you find this post helpful in providing a wonderful shopping experience for your customers. Ensure that your eCommerce store provides these elements to win customers from your competitors. Apart from all the features stated above, keep the focus on keeping your stock levels accurate as it can be annoying for customers to find their desired products out of stock. Talk to the experts of the leading eCommerce development company and take the opportunity to improve your business with the right website.