The Basics of Internet Routers

Before we go deep into details, let us find out what are internet routers. For those who do not know, or need a refresher, network layer devices that work with network packets are called internet routers. Routers are responsible for examining the IP address of data packets that pass through them. Additionally, routers can figure out the network from which the data is coming from or going to. You can relate the working of a router with a bridge, but there is a key difference between these two.

Now, what are bridges?

If we go and dissect, we find out that data layer link devices are called bridges. Bridges are used to figure out the MAC address of a network node to which the message is sent. Bridges also have the right to forward a message to a suitable segment. But don’t get us wrong because the information sent through the message is always kept private (bridges can’t see the written text).

How are bridges different from routers?

What makes bridges different from routers is that a network cannot recognize a bridge initially. Conversely, routers are network layers, which means they can’t hide their presence due to their IP and MAC addresses. Thus, you can direct a message to a router. It will check the content and figure out the way of handling the information.

A network may have multiple routers operating collectively.

Remember we said that a router checks the content and finds the best way of handling the info? At this point, you can use multiple routers to keep things going faster.

Using routers has another advantage of automatic load management. For example, a router will automatically select the less-busy route for the message to reach its destination. That makes it even cooler, no?

Want to know more about routers? Keep on reading!

  • There are some functional distinctions between a router and a bridge, and a hub and a switch. Apart from routers, we see more sophistication happening with bridges, hubs, and switches. These can carry out the tasks that require a router, making the routers stay idle (not in a working condition).
  • Routers can work pretty similar to computers. These machines come up with multiple interface cards and dedicated software for performing router functions.
  • Networks that are miles away from each other can connect and share information using routers i.e. through phone lines (do not forget to use the modem).
  • Routers can also help you out in establishing a connection with your Local Area Network (LAN).

We hope by now you have gained some clarity about internet routers and how they work but we are missing out on an essential part without which it is impossible to make any router even work, forget work best or better than the rest.

Here is the missing piece of the puzzle!

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