Tested Ways To Increase Your Wiki Page Approval Chances

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By John Wick


Wikipedia is one of the leading online platforms well-known for delivering reliable and authentic information to people across the planet. The platform has a total of around 20000 wiki pages uploaded on it every day and it is now considered to be the biggest virtual platforms of accumulated information. 

There is a huge amount of information relating to a wide range of topics on this platform. The reason of this can be due to the contribution done by average people in their daily lives. Yes, Wikipedia is a platform where anyone can create a page and edit information on a page. This is exclusively a platform that is made for the people, which is constantly updated and edited by the people. Most of the information, stats or facts acquired about any given topic are normally taken from google are usually coming from Wikipedia as the top few results on any given topic are usually wiki pages.

Advantages and reasons to create a wiki page:

There are a number of significant reasons for the creation of a Wikipedia page. Some of the most important and obvious reasons are as follows:

Information sharing

information sharing

The primary reason for the creation of a wiki page is the sharing of knowledge and information. It was the main idea behind the creation of this platform. The world needed a virtual platform that could be known and used as the pool of knowledge and information, which can be used to share information and create awareness among people.

The academic uses of Wikipedia has put this platform as the top choice for students, looking to find information on any given topic. Using Wikipedia for their academic purposes, students find exposure on a much larger scale than they would by using any other source.

Passive Marketing

One of the greatest tools for passive marketing, Wiki pages are created by brands and business organizations all over the world to create awareness about their businesses and their products and services. These pages turned into one of the most used ways to engage audiences and persuade them to take desired action. 

Wiki pages are a great way to provide content and information that creates value for the reader by either meeting their requirements or giving them information about ways that will be helpful in solving their problems. 

Credibility & Visibility

Credibility & Visibility

Since this virtual platform is one of the most frequently websites in the world therefore it is a perfect source for businesses and brands to become more visible for a larger target audience. Along with an increased reach Wikipedia is a platform that is one of the most renowned virtual platforms for the reliability of its information. This reliable reputation is one of the reasons why businesses use this platform because this impacts their own credibility in the most positive way.

Tested way to avoid wiki page rejection 

The wiki pages that are uploaded for the world to be seen are all uploaded and have become the official part of the platform after going through a strict screening process. You can learn how to create a Wikipedia page that has a high chance of approval by avoiding all the things that can lead to its rejection. It is a very simple yet effective approach that works like a charm for many professional Wikipedia page creators. 

The page screening process is totally unbiased and is based on a few very significant elements which are absolutely necessary for a wiki page to survive. Some of these necessary elements are as follows:



The concept of neutrality is emphasized on Wikipedia and every page needs to have content that is unbounded by any biases, opinions or point of views. The idea behind projecting information in a formally neutral way is due to the fact that facts are never chained down by any biases. A fact will always have a higher value in the eyes of a Wiki page than opinions.



A writer working on the creation of content for a wiki page is supposed to be adhering to the writing policies clearly outlined by Wikipedia. Not a single wiki page makes it to become an official part of the virtual platform if it is not composed within the limits defined by the guidelines of the platform.


Research is one of the strongest points for a platform that thrives on providing information. It is always a very good idea for wiki writers to avoid giving references or citations that are incorrect. Remember this virtual platform has a reputation for being reliable so where will it leave your wiki page?


Last but not the least, aiming to match the notability standards of Wikipedia is something that is required by this virtual platform. There is not a single page on Wikipedia that doesn’t have a notable topic or page title.