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To spy on someone PC sounds like a bad thing or hacking. However, there are few conditions under which we can legally spy on others. Like parents, as a guardian can monitor their kids and business as owners have the right to track their employees secretly.

Why do we need to spy on our loved ones or employees? That is why because the technology storm is rapidly expanding in the world and people have easy access to anything through the internet. Teens start watching inappropriate things which not only affect themselves but also their parents and surroundings as well. Likewise, employees get to indulge in useless activities and distract from their job track which also put an impact on their team members as well.

The spy apps help users immensely to keep their loved ones or employees on the right track. TheOneSpy is one of the popular spy apps that specifically spy on PC. This Windows spy monitoring app is comprised of powerful and smooth tools. Let’s look at a detail of the TOS monitoring app for a window system.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy App for PC

People prefer spying apps to unleash darkness from real-life and compete with this digital era’s negative impacts. To prevent loved ones from evil deeds and from stalkers who specifically target teens/kids, parents and guardians prefer TheOneSpy monitoring apps. Similarly, to keep the focus of employees on their goals, businesses prefer the TOS windows monitoring app. TOS gives a guarantee of keeping users’ privacy and providing reliable information in real-time with exact time stamps.

TheOneSpy advanced surveillance features efficiently extract information from the targeted PC. Reliable information enables the user to take action or do things accordingly with confidence and without any fear. Let’s overview the TOS windows’ compatible powerful features and their functions.

Features of TOS for Windows Spying

Some major spying features of TOS are here, which smoothly works with PCs.

  • Camera Bug
  • Surrounding Recorder
  • Password chaser
  • All Activity logs tracker
  • Social media accounts tracker
  • Installed software’s/ apps tracker
  • Multimedia Tracker
  • Screenshots Taker
  • Windows Screen Recorder
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • Windows Keylogger
  • PC Location Tracker
  • Site Blocking Feature
  • Sent and Received E-mail Tracker

How does TOS value for money?

The most important thing about TOS is that it values people’s money. It serves with such beneficial services on which it takes a special edge over other window spying apps. It serves users with its pre and after services that attract users. Some unique and helpful services of TOS are below.


TOS All Windows plans can smoothly run with all models of PC and a version of windows.

User – Friendly Reports

TheOneSpy facilitates the user with such amazing service in which the user can get reports of their choice by sending commands.

24/7 Help Desk

If you are a site visitor or a customer, you can leave a message on their help desk. Within 24 hours you will get a satisfying answer to your all type of queries.

Online and Online Tracking

A special thing about TOS is that it not only tracks online activities but also tracks offline activities as well. Like when the internet is not available, TOS offline tracker records activities automatically and transfer at the user’s cloud account.

Affordable Price Range

TOS all plans for Windows monitoring are available at an affordable price range. The middle class and lower middle can also afford it easily.

Discounts on Price Rates

TOS often offers discounts on all plans so the user could enjoy it by tracking their loved ones or employees with TOS powerful spying tools.

14-days Money-back Guarantee

Sometimes a user purchases the wrong app which does not match with version or model, so TOS allows a user to return it within 14 days and get another compatible app.

Mighty Alarms

A user cannot monitor their targeted person all the time. So, TOS allows a user to put mighty alarms to get alerted about any specific activity automatically.


After reviewing the TOS windows spy app, I came to this conclusion that TOS offers unique and satisfying services. TOS user-friendly features compel people to use them next time too. Since the TOS has been able to maintain its strong leading position, millions of people are adopting it to save their and their loved ones/ employee’s future.