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Take care of these things while traveling to different countries

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Take care of these things while traveling to different countries

Almost every one of us wants to tour and see the world, but only a few people are able to satisfy their tourism interests. They travel to different countries and get acquainted with the culture and traditions there.


If you also plan to go on tours, remember that in some places some things are considered very disabled. If you do these things in these places, people will think of them as bad. These things sometimes fall into the category of misconduct, and by doing so you may be annoying your host.


Nowadays, as security issues are high anyways, be especially careful when traveling outside the country so that you do not make any move that will attract people’s attention and make you suspicious.


Here are some of the things we should avoid doing while traveling overseas.

1: America

If you are visiting the US, be sure to give a tip to waiters and to the taxi drivers.

2: UK

In the UK, asking people about their income is considered an extremely bad thing.

3: France

In France, things are paid after the bill. It is considered unhealthy to ask for the price of hotel rooms, taxis or luggage in advance.

4: Italy

Declining food offerings in Italy can make you unwanted in the eyes of the people around you.

5: China

In China, giving gifts to a watch or an umbrella is considered bad.

6: Japan

People in Japan are very hardworking and self-reliant, so refrain from tipping anyone there. This thing will make you feel proud and proud.

7: Thailand

Avoid touching one’s head in Thailand. If you do, it means that you do not respect the person in front.

8: Singapore

The rules regarding public transport in Singapore are particularly strict and public transport is a crime to eat, drink or smoke.

9: Malaysia

In Malaysia, pointing to fingerprints is considered unhealthy. The thumb is used for this work there.

10: Saudi Arabia

Walking or drinking open bottles of ordinary alcohol in Saudi Arabia is highly disabled and violates the rules.

11: Norway

Don’t tell anyone in Norway that I want to go to church, or take me to church, or why you are not going to church. It can annoy the people there.

12: Russia

When entering a Russian home, take off your shoes or else you may lose your host’s good morals.

13: Philippines

According to Filipino customs, the last piece of food is always left. Cleaning the plate is a sign of misery there.

14: Kenya

In Kenya, calling people by their first names is hard-nosed.

15: Hungary

In European countries, Hungary refrains from saying ‘chairs’ when eating or drinking.

16: Chili

Use tablespoons and forks to eat in Chile. Eating by hand is considered a sign of ignorance.

17: Mexico

The people of Mexico are very cheerful and they are often given jokes to tourists, which can sometimes cause you confusion. However, getting rid of these jokes or making a mouthful of you can make your guide angry.

18: Netherlands

Bicycling is common in the Netherlands, and there are specialized lanes for cyclists on the roads. Passers are not allowed on these lenses, so you should refrain from walking there.

19: Ireland

People in Ireland are very sensitive about their language and nationality. If you try to speak their language there, they will consider it a joke.