Steps to Adjust WiFi Coverage of TP Link Extender

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By Kaleem Ullah

Not satisfied with the current WiFi range of your TP Link extender? No need to worry! You can extend it by going through the following points. Once you access the TP Link extender dashboard, you can easily increase the WiFi network area.

Hence, you can easily do that depending upon the area of your house. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get going. Make sure you follow the proper procedure to adjust the WiFi coverage of your TP Link extender. Keep reading.

Adjusting WiFi Coverage of TP Link Extender

Prepare PC

Start with preparing your PC for the process. Turn it on by connecting it to a power source. Keep a check on the power supply cable while preparing your PC. It should get stable, consistent, and seamless electricity. If needed, repair, replace, or update your PC or laptop.

Set Up Extender

Set up the TP Link extender by assembling the antennas. Check it for any physical damages or issues. Moreover, keep the Ethernet cable that you got with the extender by your side. It will come in handy while connecting the extender to the router. You need to access to adjust the WiFi coverage of your extender.

Choose the Right Location

The right placement is crucial when you want to adjust or extend the extender’s WiFi coverage. So, choose the central location in your house. It must be away from any physical obstructions. Moreover, the location should be high enough so that the signals don’t get lost or interrupted.

Turn on the Extender

Plugin the TP Link extender into a power source. Once the power plug is turned on, press the power button on the extender. Wait for a few seconds so that the LED lights get stable. After that, watch out for whether the extender is getting a consistent power supply.

Connect to the Router

Once the tplinkrepeater is well settled, connect it to the host router. You can do that by using an Ethernet cable. Not just that, you can even form a wireless connection between them. However, to do that, you need to keep the distance between the extender and router in check. For the best possible results, make use of the Ethernet cable.

Open Web Browser

Turn to your computer and get access to a web browser. It should be up to date. Moreover, the web browser has to be compatible with the operating system of your web browser. Apart from that, make sure the web browser’s cookies and cache files are cleared. Just in case, check for any updates before doing the extender login.

Note: You can also use the TP Link Deco app  to do the extender login.

Do Extender Login

Enter in the web browser and keep the TP Link extender login details in check. For a new user, default user login details will come in handy. However, you need to use the updated details in case you changed them earlier. Use the username and password in the dedicated spaces. After entering the login credentials, click the Log In button and wait until you are redirected to the login page.

Access WiFi Coverage

When you reach the extender dashboard, reach out to the Settings options and look for Advanced Settings. After that, you need to look out for the WiFi Coverage button. Press the button and adjust the settings. It goes from Min and Mid to Max. Hence, depending on your requirement, you need to do the changes in the settings.

Save the Settings

Click on the settings in the WiFi Coverage option. Click the Save option. Make sure you check the WiFi range of the extender before logging out of the extender dashboard. If changes are not applied, you need to reboot the extender.


All the steps mentioned above are easy. So, you should follow them to change the WiFi coverage of your TP Link extender. Hence, you can now access the extender’s network even in the farthest corner of your house. Enjoy!